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10 Popular YouTube Channels For Learning Languages

Language is said to be the linking pin between people and countries. And therefore, because the demand that is growing in learning new languages, we thought of listing a few YouTube channels that teach you different languages.

Here is a list of top 10 YouTube channels that make you learn languages in no time. All you need to do is to simply go through them, get the hitch of it and practice by speaking. And Voila! One more language adds up in your dictionary.

  • Easy Language

Easy languages is a group on YouTube that helps people learn various languages from around the world. The group takes interviews of the local residents of the place in their language which then helps the others to learn the local talks via video. It allows the viewers to get hold of the literal local language. Their channel has more than 250000 subscribers and Facebook page is liked by more than 14000 people.


  • Get Germanized

German as a language is getting into the limelight among Indians. Precisely because students shifting to the country for their further studies. The channel talks about the speech, the usage of words and the framing of sentences as well as overall language. How it is different from other languages and various tricks to learn the language? The channel has subscription of more than 170000 people.


  • Learn Italian with Lucrezia

Learn Italian with Lucrezia along with the cultural, food and the history of the place she moves around. The language can be easily picked from her videos and could be learnt from the conversations that she has, the explanations that she gives. The Channel is yet new in the list, and therefore just has around 30000 subscribers on YouTube.


  • Love Learning Languages-Learn French with Jennifer

French again is a popular language among Indians that people choose to learn among the list of foreign languages. The educational institutions offer French as an optional languages and a good number of students opt for it. Jennifer, a French teacher in south of France has been into the profession since 20 years. It becomes very easy to learn the language because of the simpler words and proper description, detailing the grammar and the casual language. Get the hitch of the French language by just visiting her videos.


  • Learn Arabic with Maha

Have that urge of learning a language of the city that you visit? Make the list of languages and the places, and start learning the language of that land. Arabic is that one language which is easier to learn. Get in touch with the videos of the Maha’s Arabic learning language channel. The channel has more than 260000 subscribers and that it does wonders throughout the world.


  • Learn English with MisterDuncan

In spite of knowing the language English, there are times when we are not thorough with it. And we might not know the actual usage of the words. Grammatical errors can cause havoc unintentionally. MisterDuncan gives detailed bytes about the usage, vocabulary and the pronunciations of the words and sentences. Learn and improve the language that is acceptable in almost all corners of the world. The channel is playing for more than 460000 subscribers. Most of them follow the channel on regular intervals.


  • The Travel Linguist

The channel is exclusively for travellers who would love to visit various places verse with the people cutting the language barriers. The travel linguist teaches 15 languages from various regions to make it easier for people to learn to speak in those languages. The languages are Czech, Chinese (Mandarin), French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, Thai, and Turkish. Bookmark this channel whenever you are travelling. The channel has close to 2 lakh subscribers.


  • Grasp Chinese-Dani Wang

Visiting China and don’t know how to communicate at the place? I have heard it is difficult to communicate in China without knowing their language or having a translator. Grasp Chinese is a channel that teaches you Mandarin, the actual language of China as against Chinese. You can learn the language when you travel and merge barriers. The channel has 20K subscribers and more than 65K of viewers.


  • Innovative Language Learning

Innovative Language learning is one of the channels on YouTube that not only has the access to the foreign languages but also the Indian Languages such as Hindi and Urdu. You can easily learn the language, the grammar and the usage of the vocabulary as well as the sentences through the videos. The channel has an impressive 34 languages to teach. It has more than 20K subscribers.


  • That Language Channel

Learning language is an art. You have to have the practice of speaking, reading and listening which allows the construction of words and sentences to get installed in the brain. That Language Channel has variety of pages for teaching the languages region wise. You can learn the South Asian Languages like Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Nepali and Pashto. With videos you can easily get along with the speech. The channel has more than 20K subscribers.


In the age of globalization, learning new languages equips you to easily welcome different cultures traditions. It allows communication to get inclusive on a larger platform. So all of you get one added in your list and add to your experiences. #BAliv

By Pooja Shah

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