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Can Women Have It All?

In the age where women issues are at the forefront, we turn our heads to those who’ve made their identities count. They probably should have the ideas, opinions and lessons to inspire, create and sustain a path less crossed. But what when the idealistic is not ideal. What if these women confront things that shake the very foundation of expanding your identities. As women, have we rushed too far to define our ‘all’? Where do we rest our case ?

Career means independence but what does it mean to the women of today? Most of us will answer it helps us define ourselves and be financially independent. How does one actually define one’s own self and what actually matters? As I heard one of the leading entrepreneurs in India Inc. speak, I realised that in the current times financial priorities and the biological clocks of women are in conflict. So making money is happening with worrying about people who you are most closest to.

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The CEO was quoted saying. “Women cannot have it all”. So I want to know from you all, is it a myth for women to dream the “having it all” life? Do you think you have it all?

Personally for me I think women can have it all. When you see yourself without bias, competition and very right debates internally as well as with the trends, you can manage to make decisions that you will always be proud of. Priorities and decisions will change with the changing times of life. That is a reality we all need to accept whether a man or a woman. Then why should we decide all of our lives at once? In my opinion that is what makes most women vulnerable. We tend to foresee life in a certain way after choosing a career not knowing that change is evident there too.

There are a number of challenges. No second thought to that. The battle between guilt and desires just doesn’t seem to end. What is important however is to look up to yourself first and within to know what matters to you the most and when. Get up and closer to the person you are and the woman in you will be taken care of. So all those women who in spite of all odds make it to the top, you are always worth it. You can have it all!

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