Weekly Event Guide: April 3rd To April 9th, 2017

The temperatures are rising as summers set themselves. It is time to step outdoors for reasons that are worthy and cool you down. So here we are with our weekly event guide you just cannot miss. These events promise you all the fun, learning and engagements that keep the scorching heat at bay.

Name – Glimpses of Buddhist Art and Culture in Premodern Southeast Asia

Place – 3rd Floor, Queen’s Mansion, G. Talwatkar Marg (Next to John Canon and Cathedral Middle School), Fort, 400001 Mumbai, India

Description – Apr 4: Facts and Fiction on the Advent of Buddhism in Suvannabhumi.
Apr 5: Dvaravati Art and Culture: Between Tradition and Innovation.
Apr 6: Origins and Spread of Bhadrasana Buddhas.
Apr 7: The Cult of the Five Buddhas and Ten Bodhisattas

Schedule – April 4th To April 7th.

Monies – Rs. 3,000 registration fees. On-spot registrations available at @Jnanapravaha Mumbai

Contact –

Name – Hindi Language Class 

Place – At Students Home in groups of 3 or more. Mumbai

Description – Learn Hindi Language in 20 Hrs. Read, Write, Speak and Converse. Recommended for natives as well as expats.

Schedule – 20 sessions. 2 hours each.

Monies – Rs. 12,000 per person

Contact – Book here

Name – Etched With Love : Workshop On Tala Pattachitra (Palm Leaf Engraving)

Place – ARTISANS’ Gallery 52-56 V B Gandhi Marg, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai, India

Description – A unique chance to learn and experience the intricacies of etch-painting on a palmleaf. Explore how the trend to decorate the text with images began gradually and it became an art in itself called Talapatachitra (tala – palm, patra – leaf, chitra – illustration). After the workshop, you own the exquisite piece of art made by you. Anyone above the age group of 12 can join in.

Schedule – April 5th. 3.30 pm to 5 pm.

Monies – Rs. 1,200

Contact – Buy here

Name – Lakeside Camping & Island Self-defence Workshop

Place – Maruti Dhabha, (opposite Orange city), Mumbai – Nasik road, Kasara

Description – Join us for an extravagant camping fun where we will not just camp besides the lake and a campfire, but also prepare delectable barbeque along with acoustic music and delicious food; And in the morning, we will go on a boat ride and visit a beautiful island perched in the middle of the giant lake for a self-defense workshop!

Schedule – April 8th 15.00 pm to April 9th 11.00 am

Monies – Rs. 1,500. Includes – Evening snacks/BBQ, Dinner, Breakfast, Boat Ride to the island, Self Defence Workshop, Shared accommodation in tents, sleeping blanket and mattress inside. Excludes –Trek and transport to the campsite and back.

Contact – Book here

Name – SingularityU India Summit

Place – JW Marriott Mumbai SaharIA Project Road, Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai 400099

Description – The 2nd SingularityU India Summit in Mumbai at JW Marriott Sahar from April 7-8, 2017, will showcase insights and conversations that will take you on a flight into the future where we explore and solve major global challenges using exponential technologies. Pharma, robotics, artificial intelligence, future of jobs, exponential organizations, gene editing, AR/VR, cryptocurrency, and drones – these are but some of the exciting conversations which will be taking place at this 2-day event. You will have an opportunity to participate in intimate, focused, roundtable gatherings in addition to interactive sessions and unmatched networking opportunities.

Schedule – April 7th and April 8th.

Monies – Rs. 50,000+

Contact – Register here.

Name – Glass Sutra

Place – Glass Suyra 19, Ambavatta Green Road, Chattrapur Farms, Delhi.

Description – A new studio in Delhi offers basic and advanced courses in glass art. Participants can learn techniques like glass-blowing, flame-working, cold working. Participants can add colors and patterns to their creations. The studio hosts international artists each month for creative workshop.s

Schedule – 4 hours. Groups of 6 or more only. 

Monies – Rs. 1,900. Includes materials and safety equipment.

Contact – Website

Name – Rundown – The Running Camp

Place – University Stadium, Marine Lines Off Marine Drive. Mumbai

Description – Join us this Sunday – 9th April, as we hit Mumbai city. Built for runners of all ages and experiences, this camp addresses a basic fitness test, assessment of current running levels, gait analysis, speed drills for advanced runners and finally, team relay races to round off the fun!

Schedule – April 9, 2017 Assembly – 0600 hrs followed by Registration
Orientation & Assessment
0630 – Group Drills & Gait Analysis
0700 – Relay & Obstacle Races
0730 – Cool Down

Monies – NA

Contact – Click Here

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