The Growing Tea Brands of India

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The Chai industry is brewing a lot of development in India. We’re a tea society, a beverage that connects people, infuses a traditional flavor in conversations and brings them alive. For a reason or without one, we’re always up for a cup of tea. India always lacked a dedicated tea serving spots unlike the coffee shops presence. But that has changed over the last couple of years.

A number of start-ups have surrendered to the tea bondage and created a space for people to engage with tea talks outside home. These teapreneurs have focused a lot more on the experience aspect of service. They are a bridge between the tapri wali chai and the premium lounge tea and we’re clearly not complaining. You get flavorful teas, snacks that compliment your picks and a fun, vibrant or a quirky vibe through the interiors that keeps every dull moment at bay. Let’s look at some of the names in Tea industry that Indians are embracing




Tea and Conversations

Tea Trails India


Tea Villa Cafe 

The big shift that these brands have created is that people look forward to having a good chai time outside their homes at a cost, that some of these brands also create employment for the less privileged communities and they are a conversation starter.

So whats your favorite Tea Brand ? Share your chai time stories with us in the comments below 🙂

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