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Events List – January 2019

A very Happieee New Yeaarr! 2019 is here! Looking forward to another year full of fun and enigmatic events for us to keep learning, unlearning and making memories. Taking some new lessons and reliving some old ones, cheers to this yet another wonderful begininng. Below are the list of events that I’ve started with and …


Events To Look Forward to – July 2018

Explore Cities in India

Hello lovelies! Our events list is here with amazing stuff to keep you engaged, open up new avenues for you to explore and ways to have as much fun as you can. We’ve added a new section called governance and we are looking forward to increased participation of people around. After all, we all want …


March Events To Look Forward To

Hello people! Here’s a compiled list of events for March. Let’s empower ourselves to be more informed, aware and intellectual. More events will be added through the month so keep watching this space for all the updates.


The Growing Tea Brands of India

The Chai industry is brewing a lot of development in India. We’re a tea society, a beverage that connects people, infuses a traditional flavor in conversations and brings them alive. For a reason or without one, we’re always up for a cup of tea. India always lacked a dedicated tea serving spots unlike the coffee …

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Brand Profile – Design Fabric – Come Aliv with Art, Design and Life

Design Fabric is an arts & design publication based in Mumbai where they collaborate with artists and designers to produce stories on various themes. Design Fabric was launched in February with the opening theme of ‘GIFs’. Their second issue was based on ‘IMAGE’ and recently exhibited their third issue based on ‘URDU’.

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Quilting back the ancient tradition in India

Women empowerment is not just employing them to make them earn but a question of self sustenance. This has been in talks almost everywhere from schools to the manifesto of political parties. The solution however still remain a question yet to be answered. ¬†Ask a women how she feels in the job she is in …

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Increase Green cover this World Environment day with Yes Bank and Climate Reality Project

According to the United Nations Environment Program, if current consumption and production patterns remain the same with a rising population by 2050, we will need three planets to sustain our way of living and consuming. Isn’t that alarming? If you care about your environment and what you pass down to your future generations then do …

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Pocket Friendly Cafes of Mumbai

While we look for eateries outside, a cafe has a different aura altogether. They are more cozy, friendly and fun to be in. From the menu to the ambiance, there is no better place than a cafe when it comes to being with friends and an acquaintance and just humming the tunes of life in …