Recipe: Potato Onion Basket Fritters

April 26, 2016 | Recipes | By admin | One Comment

Cooking is fun and even more when it is with friends. To start with food recipes was a long due thought until last Sunday when I had ‘N’, my school friend over to give a final thought and a final nod. So we decided to start with a simple recipe that is an easy snack. So here is our first recipe on this blog.

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4 boiled potatoes
2 Onions
Black Pepper powder
Green Chilies
Bread Crumbs or Rice flour

Boil potatoes and make a dough out of it. Add chopped green chilles, grated cheese, black pepper and make small balls out of it.

Cut the onions horizontally into two parts. When you separate each ring from inside you will get a basket shaped onion that can hold the dough in it. Add dough balls in the onion rings and dip them in bread crumbs. Ensure that the onion rings are not broken from any side. Deep fry the fritters and serve hot. You can use dips like masala curd, green chutney, or something as simple as a ketchup.

IMG_20160417_151922719 IMG_20160417_152207781 IMG_20160417_152300465 IMG_20160417_151852997

IMG_20160417_154308498 IMG_20160417_154732435

IMG_20160417_152425009 IMG_20160417_154131547

IMG_20160417_155402212  IMG_20160417_155950834_HDR

IMG_20160417_155957848_HDR  IMG_20160417_161707121

You can alternatively make balls out of the ready dough and fry it like we have. I am sorry for the images are not that great but we will surely come up with good ones ahead. This was the first recipe and I am eager to know your thoughts on the same. So post them in the comments below.

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