Razzberry Rhinoceros Is Back In The Business

Island city's landscape is an asylum for everything mankind. Mumbai's timeline is an endless journey of discoveries. Especially so in food and culture. The food corners, pubs, bars and lounges hence find for themselves an audience that has an emotional connect and is welcoming to the 'new', 'raw' and 'real'. The experiential is here to stay. Precisely because of this reason, the shutdown of an iconic brand hits hard on the arteries of souls who are anything but conventional. You now may read, why there is a red carpet welcome already for legendary venue ever hosted by Mumbai - Razzberry Rhinoceros is back in the business as sentiment for those who know.

Popularly known as Razz, the baby of Piccadily Group along with the directors have revealed the revamped version of the very fond Juhu Hotel Spot. It was aptly coined under the term 'Band Incubator' by Amit Gurbaxani for the emerging culture of independent music scene in the city. Extreme metal, Punk, Independent Rock area few genres who credit this place for their early days' presence. Razz being only one of the two available points for bands to perform. The fans can expect better things for the high spot music venue, as the team brings a decade long industry experience, tastes and dishes on the table quite literally. Be ready to witness the best show of the ancient mingling with the modern. To give you more chuckles:

-Celebrity Chef Ranveer Brar is heading the kitchens

-5 new food and beverage experience for the loyalists

-Nitin Tewari (Director) is looking after the bar

Engage in a distressing pool game or be seated in the outdoors watching the sun go by. Immerse your senses in the soothing sound of waves with a cocktail in your hand or simply enjoy the exclusivity in the 'Members Only Lounge'. Their menu has a host of different options at different times, so you have enough to amplify your visit each time. If you have any thoughts of brooding over your 'once upon' times here, then the interiors have a different story to tell. We'll leave that for you to explore.

Now only you and time will tell if this hotspot lives up to it's much acclaimed fame of the past.

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