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Quilting back the ancient tradition in India

Women empowerment is not just employing them to make them earn but a question of self sustenance. This has been in talks almost everywhere from schools to the manifesto of political parties. The solution however still remain a question yet to be answered.  Ask a women how she feels in the job she is in and rare are the ones who will say, “I am independent”. Yes we are good at multitasking but we need our space and a job simply takes away all of it. So for a woman to remain good at multitasking self reliant options are worth considering.

As I keep connecting with unique ideas of employing women I come across MotherQuilts. What is so different about them? They are busy searching for ways to make women more economically stable, forward and most importantly self reliant. So here I am bringing them before you. Read on to know more.

MotherQuilts is an initiative started in Pune with a vision of creating sustainable economic opportunities for Women belonging to socially and economically backward class.

MotherQuilts provides training for Godhadi Quilt stitching to the women based in certain  villages of Maharashtra. We encourage economic independence. Freedom of work and tasks to provide better livelihood to the needy women of rural Maharashtra through such income generation programs. We believe you possess the potential to stand as an important member of this social movement and you can deliver change by equipping these women with better means of self sustenance.

MotherQuilts launches Sparrow’s feet collection-
Sparrow’s feet’s stitching is generally a Y shaped hand embroidery pattern. Starting from each of the corners, the pattern converges itself exactly into the middle of the quilt. It’s like an infinite flow of the fine fragments of soft threads that eventually feels like little birds have been leaving the footprints on the quilts. There is a limited edition of 9 quits. The images of each can be seen as below.MQ1MQ2
Facebook: MotherQuilts
A big thank you to the MotherQuilts team for allowing me to feature you on my personal blog. It means a lot.
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