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Popular YouTube Channels To Learn Indian Style Cooking

Cooking is an art. As cliché as it may sound. One cannot do without food but to spend each day exploring the blend of culinary secrets and mysteries is not all choose to engage into. Food lovers will explore food till their last breath. In terms of ingredients, cooking and tastes. One of the easiest way to explore a variety of dishes and creative ways to fill the tummy is to use internet to your advantage. The digital age is not all that bad. There are various YouTube channels which you can subscribe to and make sure you have one new dish each day of your life.

For students who are migrating and living their independent lives, it becomes very crucial for them to learn to cook and fill their own stomachs.  The need of the cookery shows and recipes have increased with time, when the interest as well as the requirement of knowing it is important.

Show Me The curry is a cookery show by two Indian Ladies, Anuja and Hetal who are busy moms. They brought the idea of the show and the website, giving out the various techniques as well as recipes to change one ingredient into other forms as quickly as possible. The Channel has variety of recipes to pick from, the Indian dishes, to desserts, the pickles and the fusions, the chatnis as well as Non-veg recipes. You can simply log on their channel and get access to a variety of recipes. The channel has more than 250000 subscribers. Website

Food on TV Network is basically popular for teaching how to make the North Indian Dishes and the Vegetable gravy. The focus is on the North Indian Dishes as they are the most popular dish throughout the country. The channel therefore becomes the best place to access these recipes and learn the techniques of preparing the dish. The show is yet in its nascent stage and is growing popularity because of the cuisine that it serves.

Foods and Flavors is a cookery channel where in the host or the chef herself teaches you various recipes to make food at your home with ease and as quick as possible. The various recipes that can be learnt through the channel are Indian dishes, snacks and the breakfast dishes. She justifies that it becomes really difficult for moms to decide as to what should be given to her children on daily basis and therefore she comes with recipes that can be prepared in no time. Visit her show and you will have lot in your mind for the next morning breakfast. If you are a mom, this can be your saviour when running out of time.

We have always have had ideas for the morning breakfast but never one for the evening snacks. All we do is hog over the fried snacks from outside or have biscuits with tea and get done with it. Let’s Be Foodie brings ideas and recipes for all those food lovers who want a great dish in the evening and can’t just get away with a biscuits and tea. The cookies, the puffs, the stuffed parathas, the puff pastries, etc are the coolest recipes all over the channel and can be easily prepared when in need. The show is popular with more than 40K subscribers. Website

Bhavana’s Kitchen is a place where you will find the solution to all your food problems. Don’t know what to make out of the leftovers, the cookies and the desserts, something healthy that you need to eat; breakfasts and the evening snacks, everything and anything can be learnt from the popular show of Bhavana’s Kitchen. The show is 4 years old and that it is growing popularity with more than 450000 subscribers. Website

Rajashri Food is the show where in the chef, Rajashri, teaches us the various dishes from the different cuisines of the world. The techniques and the methods differ from person to person and so does her method do. She uses the cooking styles of the foreign land which eases the method and preparation of the dish. Visit her page and make your home the place for food from the world. She is popular and you will see it with an impressive 470000 subscribers in a year. Facebook

Cooking Shooking is a typical Indian food recipe show where in the food recipes from around the country are talked about and binged upon. The various recipes of the desserts and the dishes, the laddoos and the mithais, the dhoklas and the theplas, the south Indian as well as the north Indian food recipes can be found at the show and learnt easily. You can subscribe to the channel and get updates on regular basis for the recipes that interest you. Website

Sanjeev Kapoor is one of the well-known Indian chefs in the world and it would be great in case he could teach us all the magic of his recipes. His recipes vary from the Indian Dishes to the pickles, the chatnis to the snacks, the breakfast and the evening snacks that can be made at home. So it is very easy for one to get Sanjeev kapoor at their doorstep. Visit the channel and get the best recipes at home.

Food is something that one cannot live without. And when given the choice, it becomes too difficult for us to choose one dish. And when these recipe shows can be accessed on daily basis, food can be a real treat at home at any point of time.  Try new recipes every day and eat healthy. #BAliv Facebook | Twitter

By Pooja Shah

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