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Let Philosophy Meet Life

One fine Saturday evening, as I walked into the New Acropolis center at Khar, I was eager to discover in what interesting way music would take my heart away, yet again. My endeavors with music got deeper two years ago when I started to invest time in learning classical singing. After just a few sessions, I realized that music was so much more that just a tone, a voice, or a pitch. Much like life, it was most importantly about the harmonious relationships between all the individual elements. In doing so, it might reveal the mysteries of nature at deeper levels. 

That evening at New Acropolis brought me back to those days. An introductory session of the Living Philosophy Course followed, where I encountered a refreshingly new and empowering approach to philosophy; as a practical tool by which to live and improve our lives.  Now here’s the thing. We’re living in times in which we need to challenge our conditioned ways of thinking. We must dare to ask ourselves the most essential questions of life: Who are we? Why are we here? What drives us and where is all of this heading? Whether as a student, a professional, an organisation or an NGO, individuals and communities are today willing to take the initiative to effect change and conserve our heritage. Why? Because our heritage  and symbols represent us. It can helps us identify with nature more easily. Because it can demonstrate that we CO-EXIST.  But let’s be real, most of us have chaotic minds that cannot decide which solution might work to solve our problems. In today’s hyper-active digital times, that boasts unprecedented connectivity, we are forgetting how interconnected we are with nature, in different ways.

Art, music, dance and culture are languages that are extensions of our identities and here’s an interesting way to immerse yourself into this space. The course takes you through ways in which you can live philosophy. Initiatives like these enhance the way we engage with ourselves and with our lives. These are enlightening ways to internalize timeless principles of life. 

Living Philosophy: Discover, Awaken, Transform.

Course Starts – Mon, 4 Sept 7:30 pm Registrations continue until the 3rd class of the course.

Duration: 16 Weeks, consecutive Mondays (7:30pm-9:30pm)

Venue: New Acropolis (Khar Branch). Ashray Bungalow, 2nd Fl. 19th Road, Khar (W). Close to BEAMS Hospital.


Who am I? What does it mean to be a Human Being? What if our lives had a purpose, a meaning – and what if we had a way to discover it? This course weaves a journey through a comparative study of eternal philosophical principles from Eastern and Western civilizations, as relevant and applicable in our daily lives today. Together we will explore the hidden Mystery of life. The course might inspire you to ask the great questions about life, and is designed to give you the tools to face personal and collective challenges.

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