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Indian Start-up Business Dialogue Is Here To Create The Right Dialogue

India is gearing up to become the largest entrepreneurial hub. With innovation, ideas and the zest to reach out to the world, what unknowingly takes a back seat is effective discussions or brainstorming sessions. It is that dialogue that changes the game and sets the way forward. ELDIL is here with Indian Start-up Business Dialogue (ISBD) to create engagement, support and motivation for budding entrepreneurs.

From last 3 years ELDIL is already dedicated and engaged in shaping the dreams of few lucky entrepreneurs through its core domain field of providing fully furnished office space to young minds of the entrepreneurial block. Extending to the same support with same motive EFC has created a unique social interaction platform for  its own fellow entrepreneurs as well as for open market by  starting one of its own kind of unique event series ISBD (INDIAN STARTUP BUSINESS DIALOGUES) to engage, support and motivate all entrepreneurs.

We are pleased to invite you to the our successful series ISBD 2 -Indian Startups Business Dialogues  The event will be held in order to conduct a knowledge sharing session with the new/ upcoming breed of entrepreneurs and start ups of modern era.

Our Senior Board Member Mr. Sunil Malkani Director Safire Capital will inaugurate the event and Mr. Dilip Bam Management Expert and Bike guru is a part of delivery in this event. Mr. Bam hold a world record for being the first man in the world to ride across world’s largest SAHARA desert (three times bigger than the whole of India) on a non-geared, small wheeled scooter.

The theme of the event will be on the following topic
Major Topic : Leadership in the face of crises
Sub Topic : Economic Crisis: Opportunity for Growth, Contribution & Financial Strength
This topic assists executives in leading effectively through the current economic crisis. It provides clear steps to position businesses for success in a volatile, whitewater world. Organizations focusing their energy on maneuvering the current financial crisis will be confronted with failure in the future. Leaders must be aware of the broader changes our economy is facing, if they want their business to remain a destination rather than a way-station. This speech outlines the New Rules for tomorrow’s economy. It describes the unique opportunity for leaders who are ready to move away from tried-and-tried strategies towards creating a business of contribution, strength and success.
Highlights of event is mention below:-
  • Success story & business idea sharing
  • Business learning experience
  • Award recognition
  • Guidance & mentorship services
  • Fund raiser networking
  • 1 hour of personal networking time for attendees
  • Lunch break : 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Your expertise and experience in this field of work will be an excellent addition to our program on “Leadership in the face of crises” as many of our visitors will look forward to hearing and learning from your work, experience and thoughts. It is an honor to be able to invite you for this wonderful occasion.

We look forward to hear a positive response from you.

Dates: 16th April 2016 at

Venue: 5th floor, MCCIA, A Wing, ICC Trade Tower , SB Road, Pune.

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Be there and do let us know about your experience and insights.

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