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CuriousLifeCoffeeRoasters – Coffee At Its Best By An Ex-Army Man From Jaipur

While all coffee lovers in India will leave no stone unturned to explore different flavours, coffee breweries still are nascent in India. What is a perfect cup of coffee? The best ideas, conversations and stories come alive when the first brew of the day is serious matter. Cafe Coffee Day in the year 1996 came as an alternative to a tea loving land. Although coffee remains as a second most consumed beverage, it is a live affair indeed for the loyalists. Here is a Speciality Coffee tale from the pink city.

We came across a coffee store by an ex-army man. You can imagine the kind of attitude in every brew. Curious Life Coffee is a speciality coffee joint. Manu Singh, Jacob Sanneul and Neeraj Sheoran (40), founder joined hands to create this new roasterie to fuel their obsession for a perfect cup of coffee. The idea of a specialty coffee is to bring a flavour that speaks best for the climate, soil, harvesting process and planting. Further conveys its journey till brewery in the finest taste.

The coffee culture in India has seen a shift wherein standalone coffee joints and independant roasteries are well received in metros. The rapidly growing urban landscape in Indian cities is becoming a haven for coffee lovers. CLC wants to remain as a speciality joint as against creating a chain of coffee joints, its USP. A tailor-made coffee experience would only be rare after you’ve tried CLC.

Neeraj looks after each cup of coffee and is more than passionate in doing so. He says he is never sorry for his efforts. He will better each time and is unapologetic if a customer doesn’t have a good experience. A customer will not find art on their cappuccinos as they have a very thick foam. That is  what makes a good cappuccino. For whom coffee is a ritual, would know that the elements of coffee making when vertically integrated by same hands brings out unmatched flavor on table.

Freshly brewed coffees served straight from farmers is an irresistible offer. The CLC has one goal, to seek the perfect bean, roast and brew that makes for a delectable experience. For those discovering coffee flavors, the website has 4 brewing guides that take you to the in-and-out process of the art of coffee making. Aeropress, Frenchpress, Siphon, V-60 Pour Over are the four brewing guide a visitor can look forward to. The Team is committed to produce high-quality coffee and promote coffee for its artisanal value.

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