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Consti-tuition: A Tuition for every Indian

We at AlivIndia care enough about the governance and political space. We are at the helm of a political change that has created darker hues. It makes us think what keeps us so distant from our political spectrum. The answer is our ignorance to all that has happened inside the parliament for so many years. We as people lack that educated political bent of mind to authorize the actions in our country. While we know Rome was not built in a day, impressively there is a lot of awareness among our people and youth about political affairs over the recent year.  We had earlier done a post on how can citizens easily educate ourselves about the constitution and parliamentary affairs. Well if you found that a bit less interesting then there is one quirky show that gives “tuition” on the Indian constitution. It’s not just interesting but also informative to an extent to bring you into the radar. (only if you are completely on the other side).

We needed it. We admit it. Here’s a show that guides you through the pages of Indian Constitution with laughs, quirk and a lot of fun making parliamentary affairs worth noting down.

Where to catch?




Fridays @ 7 pm new episodes and homework reviews on Tuesdays @ 6 pm.

The show is hosted on the elite digital platform that is has great content on Indian politics and has a journalism approach towards it. The creation of Meghnad long with a team, it takes us through different chapters of our constitution, parliamentary affairs, democracy, even tells us how can we participate in it and how it can impact us. In a very easy to understand and a friendly language blended with a lot of fun and quirk, you surely will enjoy this show.  As we speak, the show is has completed 6 episodes. I have been thoroughly enjoying it and totally recommend it to every wannabe politician and sensitive citizens.  I mean what can be more interesting that learning about our laws and affairs through GIFs and memes? It’s a lot of hard work though and kudos to the team.

Some might complain about the lingo and tone but nowadays I guess every one is looking for an outlet for free speech and to vent our pains. Also digital content tends to take the leeway of staying away from beeps. Let’s face it we need to get over that and focus more on expanding our awareness on issues that matter and need our say or opinion. This is a great resource for students and young minds to create a perspective on how politics majorly affects our lives and how it can change our lives (if you choose to become a part of it).  A lot of us are largely holding back on political affairs fearing some kind of backlash or a troll, but, let’s not forget that we are a democracy and we express through votes and elections. So it’s your right to ask questions and demand answers. It’s wise to know who’s using your money and how. It’s important to be informed as you are indirectly responsible for the future of many. So here’s a fair chance to up your knowledge on the Indian Constitution.

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