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5 Incubators For Indian Startups You Can Look Up To

As children, we were always overjoyed when we received pocket money from our elders on various occasions. The moment we got our pocket money, as “Shagun” ka money or the designer envelopes that we are showered with during festivals and birthdays from our elders. We cherish those moments and the money trying to make the best possible use of the same. Some save for future, others use for themselves or at times just use it to party with your friends. However, we all grow up and a lot of us want to get into entrepreneurship. Here. there are situations when one needs a lot of money to set things up, to start up their businesses or undertake expansion. Incubators play a significant role here.

There are many incubators in India that help people who need the assistance of finance in building or growing their business. Not only do they help financially but also guide, mentor and advise entrepreneurs in the various ways that they can. There are some of the organizations that talk about the way that they help the needy.

  1. Unltd India

The organization has already helped around 12,000 people in their jobs and they believe in helping the ones who have the potential to improve the social environment. They not only help the people in their financial crisis but also with non-financial efforts that they can take on their part.

  1. Villgro

Villgro excels in the field of healthcare, education, agri-business and energy, and they assist the people in the need of financial as well as the mentoring sectors. Since their inception, they have been made in their rule book that they will be selecting the candidates on the basis of the strength of the idea and the social impact that it has.

  1. Action for India

Action for India mainly focuses on helping the individuals, innovators and the startups with the technical help, financial investments, business development support and the mentorship programs that the candidates have or need.

  1. Deshpande Foundation

Deshpande foundation believes that the country needs people like innovators and the startup firms that will not only increase the country’s glory but also give the place a new perspective to live and explore the various sectors of the lifestyle.

  1. Upaya Social Ventures

‘A hand-up and not a hand-out is the best way to lift families out of extreme poverty- this is what the organization believes in and walks on the same path. It helps the organizations that employ the poor in the field of seed funding, financial help as well as the business development support. All that they want is to meet the potential of the poor and give them good results. Other than these, there are many such organizations that would be readily helping the needy and ones that has some spark to do better for the society. Other such firms are:

  • RTBI – Rural Technology and Business Incubator
  • Dasra
  • Ennovent
  • Centre for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE)
  • Khosla Labs
  • Marico Innovation Foundation

The world is moving with a faster pace and it becomes important for the people to move with the same speed and let it develop in the way that helps the society, the people and the environment around the world. All that one needs to do is to support the idea that one has, let it grow with the growing society, and flourish the land around us.

Written By Pooja Shah

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