Healthy Green Salad – A Quick Hit


Ingredients: Broccoli, Sweet potatoes, Red-green.-yellow bell peppers, Green Onion and green garlic, Cabbage( Chop all of these in cube size), Olives, Baby Corn, Olive oil. Oregano, Parsely leaves, Mayonese Sauce Schezwan Sauce

Healthy Green Salad - A Quick Hit_1


Boil Baby Corn and Sweet Potatoes until soft.

In a frying pan take 3 table spoons of Olive oil and add chopped green garlic. Add little oregano now to lock the flavor.

Add chopped bell pepper, cabbage, green onions and broccoli. Sauté it for 5 -10 minutes. Do not cook it and definitely do not overcook it. Just heat it.  Along with chopped sweet potatoes and baby corns (The ones that you boiled) add salt as you may need. Add Schezwan sauce and mix it. Add olives (chopped) and stir well. Now add oregano and dried Rose merry leaves for flavor and fragrance.

You can alternatively avoid Schezwan and add Mayonese at last and mix it. Or use both. You can also add onions.

Cook at low or medium flame only.

Serves:  It will serve 1 person with 1 portion of each ingredient.

Do share with me your experience with the recipe as you try it and if you have something better to share/suggest you can post it in the comments below. Till then celebrate food and life 😀 Cheers 😀

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