Happy 70th Independence Day To All The Fellow Indians

We have had a long struggle of freedom in past and since then, ideally we are independent from the Britishers but we have been tangled in ourselves after that. There are issues that we try to find independence from, be it from communalism, terrorism, reservations or corruption  Yet, 15th August is always celebrated as the Independence Day of India, from the British Rule, from the struggle, from the imprisonment, from harsh impositions and much more. On the contrary, it also did leave us apart from our brother country, Pakistan. This day India pledges to make the country better on all the fronts.

70th Independence Day - ALivIndia Blog

In the awe of celebrating the 70 years of independence, there are several organizations and individuals around the country do their bit to prove their love for their country. The long weekend organized with various fests, parties, tributes and parades. Delhi, being the capital of India is being looked upon for the celebration of the Independence Day. The Red Fort sees the flag-hoisting, speech from the prime minister, cultural events and parades. On the similar note, this year, on 70th anniversary of India’s Independence, there are various festivities that take place around the country. We bring you some events that bring our gems on the fore across international borders.

  • What could be a better celebration than one of the Indian Artists being commemorated at the platform of United Nations? M S Subbulakshmi, legendary Carnatic vocalist, will be honored by A R Rahman, another Indian reaching the sky of skills. Subbulakshmi is asked to perform at the platform after 50 years, along with the celebration of the 70 years of Independence that India faces. Along with her performance, A R Rahman will be the second Indian that will be echoing his voice across the stage and among the people. The event is going to be followed by the cultural events, raising the standards of the Indian society.
  • The Information and Broadcasting Ministry has come up with a new model this year. They are organizing a festival on the patriotic films in order to ignite the youth of India to see how their country has struggled in past, the major activists who played a major role in bringing independence to India and then the role models that inculcate the qualities of the people that bring the country to a better level. Films like Gandhi, Lagaan, Chak De, and Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose: The Forgotten Hero and many more on the similar lines. The fest starts on 12th of August, continuing till 18th of August, marking the celebration of the 70 years of Independence.
  • Pt. HariPrasad Chaurasia’s Independence Track. The famous flautist and Indian artist, Pt. Hari Prasad Chaurasia comes up with a new single that he has released with Shubh, singer Shaan’s younger son. They have come up with the instrumental rendition of the patriotic song, “Saare Jahan Se Acha”. The song is instrumental throughout except of the few lines that Shubh does sing. The track has been launched on 12th August and is doing wonders in the case of the viewership since its release.
  • Documentaries, fests and movies are being made in order to celebrate the independence and giving a view of India as to where it has reached in all these years. The change in the time of the country is being shown and displayed in every way that can be done. Giving a perfect example for the same would be the ones that have been released starring Kangana Ranaut and Amitabh Bacchhan, talking about the importance of the clean country and the efforts that we as an individual citizen of the country need to take. The other video talks about the love for the country, where the various facets of the society are being portrayed and the way contribute towards a better nation.
  • Are we Mobile Pe Dependent or Independent? The campaign talks about the new generation and the today’s scenario of the country. Although we have the independence from the British Rule but are we really independent of our minds and do what we actually want, do what we wish, by ourselves and be ourselves? Majority of the population is getting dependent on the mobile phones and think that their lives stop with the end of the mobile phones or when they don’t have one. The mobile is ruling over the people, over their mind and their capability of doing something out of box.
  • The standard of the fest and the events that are taking place in schools and colleges have risen. They not only entertain the students but also call out other audience to spread the awareness as well call out to people showing the face of the country. The themes are based on the Independence Day, wearing the tri-colored clothes, displaying the struggle of the freedom fighters, and the initiatives that the youth of India should take. The shape of the country should be taken very seriously and take every effort to keep the better state.

Independence of India is a critical issue and that it is close to hearts of every individual that resides in the country. It is very obvious that the word ‘independent’ is very vague, unless it is not given the context to it. Widely, it is taken as the freedom from the British Rule and that the efforts should be taken to make the word more valid in all the terms. It ought to be given the justice in all its ways. Make the most of the country that it is giving you. Share your joy with us in the comments below. #BAlive

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