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Gudi Padwa As It Happened

Gudi Padwa marks the beginning of the New Year according to the Luni-solar Hindu calendar. For a nation that takes great pride in its agricultural prowess, Gudi Padwa is an extremely important harvest festival. The day is also celebrated as Ugadi in Andhra, Yugadi in Karnataka, Cheti Chand by Sindhis and Navreh by Kashmiri Pandits.

The day is considered extremely auspicious as it is believed that on this very day Lord Brahma had created the universe. As the universe was created this day it marked the beginning of the Satyayug. People decorate their homes with Mango Leaves and special Rangoli are made in front of the house or in a courtyard. The main entrance or the doorway is decorated with a ‘toran’ and for the puja, the Gudhi (Lord Brahma’s flag –Brahmadhvaj) is hoisted.

Many social groups locally arrange a padh yatra in their localities with Dhol- Tasha which adds to the flavour and grandeur. The group called Aarambh in Dombivali east had organized a padh yatra with Dhol Tasha which consisted of 101 dhols (drummers). A sight to watch!

Celebrations in images.


Images and Inputs: Sahil Iyer - Follow him on Instagram

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