Gardening Activities In Mumbai

Autumn is waving a good bye to Mumbai and we are about to see summers soon. Days are getting hotter and malls are going to be even more crowded as holidays began. So the best way to enjoy the summers is to take up fun activities and fuel your hobbies all out in open. Otherwise, these engagements just get buried under the books or to-do lists. A lot of us enjoy being with the nature, plants and trees. So here is a list of gardening/farming activities in Mumbai that promise you a refreshing break.

1. FarmDost Celebrates 1Million @Mumbai – Farmers in India need you. If you ever wondered what is it like to be a farmer, then here is a chance to involve yourself in realtime social transformation.

2. Terrarium (Miniature Gardening) Workshop by Earthoholics – A house that has no greens looks dry and isolated from nature. Learn how o decorate your corners of the house or a balcony area with Miniature Gardening from Earthoholics. If you have kids at home, there is no better way than this to use that holiday.

3. Organic Kitchen Gardening Workshop by Urban Firefly – The concerns of foodies over artificial chemicals being loaded in your day to day veggies can be put to rest. Here’s how you can learn to grow veggies at home and enjoy food like it should be – all pure and natural. Also learn how to make the best productive use of kitchen waste.

It is time to get outdoors for all cool reasons this summer. Tell us your experience and which is your favourite events. You can submit an event by writing to us at #BAliv

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