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Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations In Indian Cities And How!

The festival of Ganesh Chaturthi brings a sense of happiness, zest and the faith among the people across India and the Indians across the world. Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated over a span of 14 days, 4th day being the most celebrated in the fortnight, of the Bhaadrapada month of Hindu calendar. Mumbai is famous for these public celebrations of the Ganpati that it has at various pandals. People worship the clay idol of Ganpati that is studded with various flowers, motis, diamonds, pearls, colors and various other materials or it could be an eco-friendly ganesha that is prepared keeping in mind our responsibilities towards our mother earth.

In the air of the fortnight, the streets are lit up; the music systems are being placed at the corners of the roads and at the four-cross junctions. The footpaths and the divider lanes are being decorated with the flags and pieces of clothes signifying the happiness and the colors that it brings in the lives of people. There are various events and celebrations that are held in the name of the Ganesh Utsav. People dance, pray, eat, have feasts, enjoy and gel in the aura of faith. And at the end of these 14 days, the idol is immersed in the river or lake water with teary eyes, calling Ganpati to come back next year with more joy and prosperity. We bring you some cool things that are happening while you would be busy doing the aarti.

Ganpati Celebrations In India 2016 - AlivIndia Blog

  • Lalbaug Ka Raja, Mumbai

The most celebrated, biggest idol of Ganpati, the most worshipped and the most visited is Ganpati of Lal Baug, in Dadar in Mumbai. People from corners of the city, and country come to pray and bow down to the Ganpati at Lal Baug, as it is believed to be the idol that fulfills all the wishes of the people who come and pray at the place. There are many employees and volunteers who take in charge in managing the event, the crowd and the celebration that are held at the place. There are two lines that gets divided, one where in the people get to go directly inside and so close to the idol that they can touch the feet and take blessings, on the other hand, the other line directs the people just from outside, showing them an overall view of the idol. It is just too less to talk about the celebration and enjoyment that takes place at the spot.

  • MumbaiOgraphy-PhotoWalk

Will it be not an interesting thing to capture the celebrations that are happening during the Ganpati festival, the happiness on the faces of the worshippers, the faith that they have when they come across the idols, the decorated idols, the charm of the pandals, the feast and the Prasad, variety of idols, carvings and the ways that they are being decorated and taken care of, everything gets captured in your lenses and you have it with you for your lifetime. All that you have to do is to connect with the admins of MumbaiOgraphy, register yourselves at 100 bucks per person, read the terms and the conditions of the organizations and buckle up your shoes on 11th of September. The journey starts from Matunga central and the assembly point is Ramnarain Ruia College.

  • Streets of Mumbai

Be it the suburbs or the town, Mumbai is filled with colors, lights and music system during these ten days. Every corner of city, every second street and the households take Ganpati, worship and make every effort to welcome him in the best way that they can. The ladies of the households are very happy and delighted to prepare sweets for Prasad as well as for the feasts that they have at their place during the Ganpati fest. Everyone is in their traditional wear, Sarees-Kurta, jewelry, Rangoli, colors and lights. The place is being lit up by the guests when they come for worshipping and none of them is allowed to leave without having the Prasad. The people open heartedly do everything when it comes to their Ganeshji. They cry during the Visarjan and hope that bappa comes soon with more happiness.

  • Zamorin, Mumbai

Viren De Sa, a tour guide will take all the patrons and the tourists on a devotional ride throughout Mumbai during the day. There are three types of the tours that it organizes morning-evening-experiential tour. All that he aims to do is to give a better experience to all the people who have not seen the real face of Mumbai during Ganesh Chaturthi, taking them to various pandals for worshipping, the flower markets, and at the beaches to have the beauty of the Visarjan that is being done on the last day. All you have to do is to register yourself with him and get ready for the colorful ride.

  • Kairatabad Ganesh, Hyderabad

When it comes to Ganpati festival, why should Mumbai be the only one city of celebration? Hyderabad beats the city in building one of the highest Ganesh idols, standing almost 72 foot tall, breaking the records of the Mumbai’s highest idols. According to the research, it is said that the idol was totally being built with clay and no other material was being used to prepare the same. The enthusiasm in the eyes of the believers is way beyond one expects. And one of the things that are different in Hyderabad is that every Pandal has a different theme for the celebration, getting the history into the picture and basing their themes. They dance, they pray, they perform various rituals and they cry. The happiness that they have when Ganpati arrives gets them tears when he greets goodbye.

  • Mysore

Ever wondered that Ganesh Chaturthi and Ganpati Festival would be famous in a city like Mysore, the city of sandalwood and nature? Ideally it is, and it is said that in case if you are hungry and wish to grab some yummy South Indian Prasad, then you get to have it during the Ganpati Pandals. The people make special recipes to offer to god, and everything is then decorated over the Banana leaves and given to the worshippers. Ganpati has equal significance in the city of Mysore as much as it could have in any other.

  • Mapusa, Goa

Mapusa is a town in north Goa which is already popular for the markets that it has and along with that, one should always visit the place during the Ganesh Chaturthi Festival. People from the corners of the state come at the place to shop for the festive essentials as well as there are various idols that are present at different pandals. They are heavily decorated and are visited. It is also said that you get to see city’s most intricate matolis and dekhavas at the spot.

  • Star Anise Patisserie, Mumbai

All of us know how famous Modaks are during the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi. People pounce on the delicacy just like the way Ganesh Ji likes it. For all those sweet tooth, Star Anise brings modak cupcakes with various flavors that of chocolate, nutella, coffee, pistachio and much more. The cupcakes would be topped with coconut cream and jiggery as it becomes the essence of the modak. All that you need to do is to identify the number of cupcakes that you require and give your order as soon as possible.

  • Khandani Rajdhani, Chennai

Chennai welcomes Ganesh Ji in its own special way. Khandani Rajdhani is one of the best thali restaurants in Chennai. The restaurant organizes 10 day food festival where in various food items will be introduced as well as prepared, specializing the art of making Modaks-favourite of Ganesh Ji. There will be unlimited modaks, combined with various Gujarati thali items that the restaurant offers and will serve the visitors with a bigger heart.

  • Gulbai Tekra, Ahmedabad

Gulbai Tekra in Ahmedabad is one the Hollywood said places of Gujarat. And when you visit the place in Ganesh Chaturthi, you get to see a line of artists and craftsmen, working on the making of the idols of Ganesh ji. There are various workshops where in the people teach how to make, paint, decorate and ready the idol of the god. Every part of the area is filled with people indulged either in making or learning the idol. It is also said that Gulbai Tekra is the largest supplier of Ganesh Idols in Ahmedabad as well as Gujarat and that it has more than 1200 craftsmen.

The September is going to be full of colors, dance, music, fun and celebration. The deity will be welcomed with open hearts and it takes a lot to let him go. Although he is being immersed with lot of celebrations and dance performances but he leaves tears in the eyes of all. Everyone must experience this festival, especially on the roads of Mumbai, where bappa lives up to this maximum city.

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