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Fun Monsoon Coffee recipes to try out at home

The monsoons in Mumbai are just amazing and you can experience all the bliss even with a simple coffee. Rains are a beautiful excuse to escape for a holiday with friends or family.Talking about coffee, do you really need a reason to sip coffee? No. But there are some that make a special call for coffee and not tea. Coffee lovers are the ones who know what I mean. Whether its the flavour & the taste, the place and its ambience or the company who choose to have that cup of coffee, it all makes for a complete experience. Personally I am equally keen with tea and coffee. It all depends on the reason and occasion. So here is a list of some really  cool coffee recipes that you can try out at home.

1. Almond Mocha Coffee

2.Cinnamon Mocha Coffee

3. Jamican Coffee

4. Chocolate Mint Cappuccino

5. Classic Irish Coffee

6. Spiced Mocha Coffee

7.Ginger-Bread Delight

8. Triple Threat Espresso Martini

9. Cafe Beuno

10. New Orleans Coffee

So which one is tempting you the most? For me its the Classic Irish Coffee. Do share your experience with me in he comments below. Here is wishing you a lovely coffee day.

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