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5 Food Studios in Mumbai To Decode The Culinary Secrets

When it comes to food, a lot of us enjoy cooking and love to explore the blend of ingredients, tastes and cuisines. Cooking is an art and is rightly said. Mumbai has abundant food joints to not give you a thought to stay back at home and step in the kitchen. But a lot of us do like to step in the kitchen. If you like cooking and want to seriously romance food and the culinary secrets, today we bring you a list of the finest cooking studios in Mumbai.  Here are 5 cooking studios you need to know if you do not want to miss delving deep into the secrets to great tastes and yummy dishes.

  1. APB Cook Studio
  2. Palate Culinary Academy
  3. Food-E Culinary Experts
  4. SK Culinary Studio
  5. Studio Fifteen Culinary Centre

These studios will help you learn creative recipes, meet celebrity chefs, get access to their published books, participate in food workshops and a lot more. They teach you how to treat food as a real endeavour. So what’s your next dish that we get to taste ?

If you’ve been a part of any of these, share your experience with us in the comments below or write in to us at to get a feature done. #BAliv

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