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Book Recommendations – February 2019 books to read!

ALivIndia - Books To Read

I am back with my list of books to read. After a haitus I know. Blogging is not easy folks. February book list has titles that take you back in time to introspect our origins as Indians, make you a better writer, give you some inspiration or motivation, and just help you to meaningfully engage with your time helping you gain a wider and a better perspective of the world around us. Here’s a list of 5 titles that explore the more out of you.

I can personally vouch for Early Indians. Do not miss this title. It’s for keeps. A intriguing brief matter that introspects our evolution. It’s backed with accurate research and factful data that leaves you thinking and identifying long after you are done.

The Future is Asian – By Parag Khanna

The Power of your Subconscious Mind – Joseph Murphy

Early Indians – By Tony Joseph

First You Write A Sentence – By Joe Moran

India’s Water Futures: Emergent Ideas and Pathways – By K. J. Joy and S.Janakarajan

The Radical in Ambedkar – By Anand Teltumbde

I plan to add some more titles to this book list and hopefully read them before I add them as ‘books to read’. Some titles are what I plan to read and so the review is kind of pending. Tell me which one’s your pick and why do you like it. You can easily buy these books from the links if you wish to.

Feel free to throw in some title suggestions if you wish to, I’ll feature them in my upcoming lists. This hopefully may lead to an interactive book club or a community for readers alike here. I would love to see an exchange of titles happening once in every month between the members. That’d just be awesome. Cheers!

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