February Events to Look Forward To

Explore Cities in India

Here’s what you can look forward to to engage in events, conversations and activities that’ll help you celebrate the month of love at deeper levels. Like, share and comment your thoughts and do share this list with your peers too!


Mandala Workshop

Maharajas and Nawabs of Gujarat by Kenneth X. Robbins

A rare Sunday tour to celebrate art

DropTheNeedle – The Mahindra Blues Festival Edition

Breath and Dance

Mushaira – An Evening of Urdu Poetry

Fat Free Flea

India Art Festival

BandCamp Talkies

9 days 9 plays

Sounds Of Cuba

Queer in India: Self Care and Mental Health

Masterclass : The Music Artist As A Brand

Art Installation at Kala Ghoda Art Festival

Bol Ke Lab Aazaad Hai Tere

The Ultimate Luxury Sail!

Weave The Nation – By India Culture Lab 

Let Us Weave Together

Writers Mixer: Everything You Wanted To Know About Publishing


Bombaywaali with Sonal Holland

Grandmamas Guide to Coffee with Roasted Today


Farm Visit

Blue Super Moon & Total Lunar Eclipse

Pune Design Festival


Abhivyakti – City Arts Project

Rustorange Showcase | Ahmedabad – An Exhibition

Exquisite collection of Indian Handloom in Ahmedabad for 2 days!

ARiJiT SiNGH – #AlwyzN4Evr with World Musicians

Intro to Skipping Ropes

Creative Story Telling workshop at Poiesis

Vogue Mantra Presents Spring Fiesta

The Monologue – Ahmedabad

ADVITIYA-beyond basics

Statistical Modeling and Optimization using R Software

Cycling Expedition

Inc – Idea Competition for Entrepreneurs


Marbling Workshop

Exploring Street Art at Delhi’s First Public Art Colony-Lodhi

Craft Beton Collection 2018

Shoot the Blue moon into Blood Moon on Supermoon day

Cave to Canvas – Charcoal Detailed Portrait Exhibition


Delhi Crafts Council


Delhi Crafts Council


Handmade Natural soap making workshop at Bangalore

Total Lunar Eclipse with Blue Moon

You can write to us at to submit event, discuss about the listed events, tell us if you are looking for something specific or simply share your thoughts. Have a lovely February!

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