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5 Ethnic House Décor Stores in Mumbai

Whenever we think of making a new house or renovating an existing one, it is always seen that we want something that stays forever, the look, the smell, the happiness that it showers and the welcoming feeling that it gives. It should not only be appealing to us but to the visitors that are coming at our houses, such that they should be felt being home. The architects and the designers who give in their efforts to bring the best inside the houses.
The 5 best stores that one can visit in Mumbai for their house décor are:
1. The Bombay Store
The Bombay Store is famous for the designs and the articles that it has, a blend of the Indian and Western culture. It is one of the oldest stores outreached by the people for the lifestyle goodies and décor. It is the best example to teach the people of India as to what the culture of the country is, how finely it is being crafted into various articles, clothing and accessories of the house requirements. Incorporated with the idea Swadeshi Movement, the store has 10 outlets all over the country, major being in Mumbai city. The store give away products like artifacts, home décor articles like the wall gallery, fragrances, and wellness and fashion accessories.
Location: Fort
2. Good Earth Home
The creative founder of the store, Anita Lal says that India lies in the nature that it surrounds with. And naturally with those ingredients that the nature has, the products are made from it. The products from the stores revive the history of India with the skills of the crafts. The creator says that each year they come up with a design that has been inspired by the culture of the parts of the India or Asia as a whole. Not only do they have the home décor articles and the materials, but also deal in the attires for the women who have their hearts attached to the Indian Culture.
Location: Juhu
3. Stanley
A perfect blend of the Indian Culture and the Western outlook is what the brand talks about and sells around. It deals with the very basic articles and the accessories of the home décor that are being given the modern outlook and appearance. The sofas, chairs, the dining tables and the accessories, the beds and the comfortable chairs and the recliners are the essence of the store. The “Hand Made in India” concept is what the store believes in.
Location: Lower Parel
4. The Charcoal Project
Owned by the very renowned Susanne Khan, the overall concept of the store is to change every plain area, a black area in a color or give a different perspective to that same dull place. There are variety of options that the budding designers have for the living rooms of the house, the villas and the mansions in the metro cities. Turning the grey into the shades of it, enhancing the culture of the India in the very unrealistic ways is what the store does around.
Location: Andheri
5. The BaayaDesign
The Baaya Store is a complete store that deals in the artifacts and the articles, the home accessories and the gift articles, the art furniture and objects wherein the designs meets the tradition. Every object is being carved and designed with a story that it tells and the relevance that it has from the traditional background, the folk and the cultural inhabitants of the country. Get into the store and let it charm you by the beauty of it.
Location: Lower Parel
When it comes to the house décor, none of us would like to compromise over the choice and the design and therefore, it is always recommended to make the best of the choices that suits your place, your likings and the budget that you have to keep in mind. Roam around the city and get the one that your house needs. If you are up with some more suggestions or you love any of the listed above, do let us know in the comments below. Remember to always keep it #Aliv 🙂
Written by Pooja Shah

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