Be a Recycling Advocate for Planet Earth!

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Fashion shows and clothes displayed by models on ramp are known to talk about the trends of the fashion world. Thus the attire becomes an expression of creativity and passion that is showcased in front of fashionistas. Ever thought of walking a ramp for our very own mother nature? You need not be a super model or a known cover girl or a buy, all you need to be is a concerned citizen of this planet who wants to contribute to the environment. So if curiosity is setting in, gear up to celebrate ‘Earth Day’ and make earth a stylish place to live in with a stylish ramp walk.

Celebrate EARTH DAY with a mission to be a community agent of change!

Enjoy the Eco friendly fashion show with a difference,use your time to promote conservation for planet Earth. Use your CSR work for this Earth Day.Here is your chance for you to shine and share your recycling project with the audiences. Come together for EARTH DAY. In 1970, the year of the first Earth Day, the movement gave voice to an emerging consciousness, channeling human energy toward environmental issues. Forty-six years later,  many continue to lead with groundbreaking ideas and by the power of example. So this year 2016 will see a platform where women who are advocates of change will lead the way through presenting their projects on stage for a competition of Ms.Earth and Mr.Earth.

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Would you like to walk down the ramp for Planet Earth ?? Using only renewable and sustainable materials, flowers in your head walking tall for Earth Day, driving home the message for people to kick that plastic bag habit, then sign up. Of course you may also come in simple jute, cottons or organics, Indians always known for her dedication to natural fibers! Its that simple. We have limited positions for walking the Eco fashion show,so sign up!

It is not all about the three R’s (that’s reduce, reuse and recycle), when planning an Eco friendly travel stay. The Meluha -The Fern Ecotel at Powai Mumbai not only asks you to hang up your towels so they don’t wash it unnecessarily, but share booklets on cost-saving measure one born out of concern for the environment.

Although everyday is a day to celebrate Earth and her renewable resources, lets join the rest of Earth’s inhabitants to celebrate “Earth Day” on April 22nd each year.  This year there is something new and exciting .A fashion show in which contestants will be challenged to use their creativity to design a wearable fashion using only local scraps and waste, otherwise headed to the landfill. The message is reuse reduce recycle and rewind.

On April 22, 2016, 11 am to 3 pm Meluha – The Fern Ecotel Earth Day Fashion Recycled Runway will see advocates of climate change walk down the ramp all directed  by Tanya Satish, Leader of Climate Reality trained by former US vice president Al Gore. Tanya is also CEO of Creed, a social initiative to create environment and climate change awareness. Tanya was awarded the Youth Achiever at the UN Youth Assembly last year for her leadership in climate change advocacy. Tanya says, “This community event seeks to showcase  creative talent while participating in environmental stewardship through the demonstration of recycling creative reusing trash and leftover materials still look gorgeous! These women must prove their might too, by advocating how they are going to be successful agents of change in the community and what exactly will they be recycling in the community and local BMC or water body? These women are ordinary women and it takes courage to walk and present your project through clothing which is only scratching the surface,but these women will walk the talk by execution too. Climate Change is real and we have to act upon our green life changing habits to save out planet.”

Tanya Satish Climate Reality leader and CEO of Creed promoting Climate Change awareness and action among communties seen at UN .USA

Explains Punish Sharma AGM of the Meluha The Fern Ecotel, “Ecotourism is all the rage and it’s trendy for restaurants to be all local, organic and slow (in more ways than one), but what are hotels really doing? Have you ever wondered? So come to Meluha – The Fern Ecotel this EARTH DAY for an eco tour and we will show you the eco friendly working norms. We provide long-term energy savings, as well in-room energy management systems that adjusts the temperatures in unoccupied rooms to reduce energy waste. Additionally, a vertical garden and use sun light energy to save electricity.We are a zero garbage Ecotel. We do not use electricity for our geysers,we reuse and recycle the hot air from the air conditioners instead. Our hotel suites offer locally branded bath products, which are packaged entirely out of recycled materials and feature all-natural ingredients .We have a Green Team and an environment officer who aligned all ordinates in place for a very comfortable stay for our guests as well as our contribution towards conservation. We are happy to host the very first of its kind Recycled Fashion show by Women who are environment advocates in our community.”

National tourism Award for Meluha the Fern ecotel,Powai Mumbai Presented by the President of India to Punish Sharma of the ecotel.

Book the dates:

On April 22, 2016

Time : 11 am

Venue: Meluha the Fern Ecotel

Entry and networking lunch Rs 600

‘Earth Day’ Fashion Show by Young Environmentalists

The fashion competition is open to all ages and levels of experience. This community event seeks to showcase creative talent while participating in environmental stewardship through the demonstration of recycling creative reusing trash and leftover materials still look gorgeous! Attendees of the event will enjoy a runway show featuring the designs to salute Mother Earth! Attendees of the event will enjoy a runway show featuring the designs to salute Mother Earth!

Come plant a tree or take an eco tour of the award winning Meluha green hotel. Meluha Ecotel has won over 25 international awards. Tree plantations methods will also be conducted and eco tours of the hotel will also be presented to show the norms of eco friendly certification.  There will be networking sessions and interactive lunch.

All interested contestants walking the ramp contact Elsie Gabriel (Founder Young Environmentalists and Mentor Climate Reality Project ) at 9967347511 or write us back at

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