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The Trend Setters Of Mother Earth

Empowering communities to take sustainable action through fashion from waste, these advocates of change will go out into the community and execute a project with success.

Meluha – The Fern Ecotel at Powai, Mumbai saw over 30 passionate community leaders on April 22nd participate in the Recycled Fashion show for Community Action to a house full audience. The Earth Day Fashion Recycled Runway saw enthusiastic advocates of climate change walk down the ramp directed by Tanya Satish Leader of Climate Reality and CEO of Creed.

These women proved their might, by advocating how they were going to be successful agents of change in the community and what exactly will they be recycling in the community after the real fashion show ? These women and men were ordinary people who presented their project through clothing which is not only scratching the surface,as these folks will walk the talk by execution too.

Adds Tanya, “It is very true that  one person’s trash can be another person’s couture. A growing percentage of the clothes ending up at the garbage bins which “we see as disposable.” We as a nova riche community create too much waste. Through my community action oriented sessions I aim to  put the world back into balance, at least a little bit,  look for ways to manage in an imbalanced world. We are all guilty of wasting so we can not point fingers at each other, so what can we do? We can reuse! There are no landfills left any more.”

There is a system in the 3 Rs. ‘Reduce’ comes  very first, since it has zero impact. Following close behind , ‘Re-use’ cuts waste and engenders no or little energy use and of course ‘Recycle’ comes next because it requires more energy yet still less than to manufacture using new resources.The interactive awareness events may be a drop in the bucket but hopefully will make a difference in the mind set.

Many dresses created by the contestants themselves were made from plastic shopping bags, yards of bubble wrap, and also some scrap materials like E-Waste belts and pocket studs, plastic packaging, Hemp, Jute,newspapers, grocery bags and aluminum juice pouches, straws, bottle caps, soda caps, and reused fabric. The event saw recycled materials and fashion come together to give a message of recycling, reusing and reflecting on our daily green living habits.


Ms.Earth was won by Ms.Kushboo
Mr.Earth was won by the BOHECO Boys
Vijaya Reddy, Dr Kala Soni, Kiran Bawa, Payal Garg Ritu Vij, Vanya Vij and Nina Mewani, actress Vandana Vadora and many others also won awards for their best costumes and best dedication to a community cause on EARTH DAY.

A lot of people took part in the eco friendly organic cooking demo also presented by the Master chef Parimal Sawant of the hotel who explained, “Use locally grown food ingredients and produce to promote your home grown fruits and ingredients.If we buy from far away lands we buy things which have heavy carbon footprints. promote your own indigenous produce.Eat more vegetables and roughage like these salads and micro herb dishes I have put together for you.We at Meluha Ecotel believe in promoting organic as well as health food festivals too.” Meluha Ecotel has won over 25 international eco awards which made it an ideal  partnership for the EARTH DAY networking sessions and interactive lunch.

It was Magaret Mead who had once said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” And this proved so right on the EARTH DAY celebrated at Meluha ecotel Hiranandani Powai.

Check out some inspiring images below:

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  1. Refuse – Reduce – Reuse – Re-function – Recycle.
    I call these the 5R’s. Pl include these in your amazing presentation.
    Awareness – Access – Affordabilty.
    These above 3A’s are needed to allow citizens to participate with passion.

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