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Cycling Marathon at IIT Bombay and Young Environmentalists NGO

Studying and taking care of your environment is  super cool. Here is IIT Bombay and Young  Environmentalists NGO calling a ll young champs for a Cycling Marathon.

Continuing its efforts to cater students and involve in social initiatives, Techfest, IIT Bombay has tied up with the environment NGO Young Environmentalists Programme for a  Cycling Marathon on 4th October, 2015.

Elaborates Elsie Gabriel who is a Climate Reality Mentor and  founder of the Young Environmentalists Programme trust, who has been conducting Cycle rally’s over the last ten years among the student community in Mumbai. “To create awareness that the youth have the power to help improvement our environment we the Young Environmentalists have joined hands with the IIT Techfest for the cyclothon. Without preaching, this is one interactive way to teach the youth about climate change and the green living habists we citizens can adopt in our daily lives.We are proud of the Techfest and encourage more colleges to join.”

The Young Environmentalists NGO teaches environment interactive education in schools and colleges as well as the community to help combat climate change through outdoor proactive methods.

Says Ram Krishna of IIT Bombay at Powai heading the green cycling event, “This year taking a new social initiative, Techfest presents a green campaign Re-cycle together with NGO Young Environmentalists Programme trust, eyeing at spreading awareness about global warming and how each one of us can make our small yet significant contribution towards addressing the alarming issues of it. The cycle, as our allegory of wellness, is one of the cleanest alternatives against vehicles that run on fossil fuels and our major drive to check global warming.”

The Recycle campaign is a Cyclothon, a cycling marathon along a 13km course flanked by lush, green thicket and picturesque views of the lakeside. Cyclothon stresses upon the fact that we need to switch to cleaner fuels and curb emissions of gases causing global warming, along with promotion of cycling. In a nutshell, it’s our effort towards a clean, green, and sustainable future.

Encourages Gabriel further, “When you sign up, you’ll be joining many other people who want to do something to help create a better future for all of us. Climate Change is real, this is a great way to get involved and experience an incredible adventure, powered by your own energy. You get fit and also get to be part of the awareness campaign of going green.”

The cyclothon is open to all, and kept free of cost to encourage participation from colleges and students.

Youth celebrity magician Amey Vinaykumar Sarang well known as “AVS” in the world of magic, – The Third Generation Illusionist  and International Gold Medalist is set to enthrall the audience at the event and also join the cycle rally to help encourage the youth on Sunday. Amey says, “Its an honour to promote Young Environmentalists NGO and Techfest with their green events.Youth must get involved to push for a more greener planet.”

So here is an open invite for all of yo u to come forward,  party and  do your  bit for mother  nature too.

Details of the Cyclothon:

Date: 04th October, 2015

Registration Time: 06:30 AM

Venue: IIT-Bombay

Contact-Elsie Gabriel 9967347511, Ram Krishna-9570741958

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