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#CreativeCraft – Wedding Dress Out Of Tissue Paper Rolls

Tissues or tissue paper rolls are often used as a cleaning tool. They are used and then dumped in the dustbins. Ever thought of making a creative use of tissues and changing it into something that could be helpful to us. Tissue papers make for an inexpensive and a versatile component of creative craft material and you will be surprised to know its simplicity with which it blends in a variety of uses.

To start off you can use the tissue paper along with water-glue mixture to make various stands and better cut outs. If you have been into making fun things out if tissue paper, then you are going to make the most of this article. We are talking about making a wedding dress out of a tissue paper roll. Until there came a competition of making a wedding dress out of the tissue, no one could have thought of this. All you need is a Toilet Paper Roll, needle/thread, glue, and a tape. If you live fashion and always look for ways to experiment with ideas, then this is something you would surely want to try out. If not wedding dress, you can also make tag-tees, cute dresses and funky tops to make your fashion styling quirky as well as personalized.

DIY Dress From A Tissue Paper Roll - Alivindia Blog

The process of making the dress is shown in detail in the video. You can see the tissue roll is being dipped in the boiling water. The roll is removed, cut into pieces and laid over a plastic or a sheet and it is left to dry under the sun for a day or two. Once the papers get dried, they are stitched or tied together using the glue or the thread and needle, shaped into desire sizes and patterns and given a proper look of the wedding dress.

DIY Wedding Dress Out Of Tissue Paper Roll - Alivindia Blog
The dress takes time to be made and decorated in to the final piece and then is given for the display and the real trial. The beads and the crystals and the decorations can be added thereon and becomes the most beautiful wedding dress from the common materials that are being found at home. Mills teach all of us to have that courage and dedication, stating that one can accomplish the success if they are determined to and the happiness of accomplishment is much better than the task itself. A star in her, a mother of three, does the possible out of impossible.
Check out the link here for the video and you surely will want to try out in your own ways. This art can be used in many ways to keep yourself engaged for all right reasons. This activity is also a perfect way to spend time with kids and making them learn fun creative crafts. Tell us what you think of these in the comments below.
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Written by Pooja Shah

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