Online Communities For Women Empowerment And Engagement

Online women professional networks are highly productive and contributive to their professional lives. There are several online communities for women that have helped thousands of women to explore opportunities, fuel their passions and reach new heights. Here is a list of 5 cool online communities for women that will bring a vibrant change to the woman in you.

Below mentioned communities have celebrated women at their best by providing them flexible employment, becoming a platform for discussing important issues and allowing women from all backgrounds have a voice of their own.

Polka Social
Polka Social is a membership based community for women in the age group of 18 and above. An interactive platform  helps you delve deep into beauty tips & tricks, lifestyle, nutrition, wellness, fitness, discussions, inspiring stories and more.

Sheroes is an online membership based platform for women that extensively caters to the careers and employment opportunities for women. If you have just started of or you are about to resume from a maternity break, Sheroes is the place to find a job according to your schedule. Sheroes bring opportunities to women of any age. Their events brew the latest conversations with industry experts and opinion makers.

SheThePeople is a digital and TV platform that enables women leadership to come on fore through discussions. A video story telling space for the woman of today to explore their untapped potential of leadership, entrepreneurship, and contributing.

HerStory is a digital platform that talks about inspiring stories from women across all genres and walks of live. Profiles of women here are a high dose of inspiration

Women’s Web
Women’s Web is an engagement platform that shares inspiring stories of women, provides employment opportunities and enables empowerment through stories of other empowered women. Their readership runs in millions from around the world.

This is an amazing online place to explore different work styles and schedules. You can choose a flexible role and start looking for projects. A community based interactive space that allows you to engage with members and work the way you want to. 

This platform allows women to network, explore opportunities and even find mentors who can help you streamline your career objectives.

The name says it all. 
Their ‘work-from-home’, temporary,permanent assignments and projects are quick to restart your professional life. 

You can add videos, network with women professionals from your city, discuss issues and explore companies at KoffeePlace.

With 40,000 plus registered women professionals on this network, you will have enough on your plate to network and explore opportunities. Their workshops can be of great help to build your network and connect with like minded women.

A dedicated initiative to bring women back at workplaces. This place is a great resource to seek suitable job opportunities in freelance, part-time or full-time roles.


A dedicated portal for online education, BetterU is a resource for any women to wishes to polish her existing skills or learn new ones. They have a mixed bag of free and paid courses that can add weight to your career graph.

We are keen to know more of such communities for women. If you know any share with us in the comments below. Let’s join hands to see more beautiful faces smile 🙂

Updated: March 18, 2017


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