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Events List – September 2019

Engaging Events Nearby

We’re back with engaging events nearby your city & neighbourhood. Find creative ways to learn, unlearn, re-wind or un-wind with yours and your’s truly. We love talking about, participating and engaging in the shifting paradigms of the world orders. Our aim is to pave the way for diverse set of perspectives, inclusion and open-unfiltered conversations. …


Events List – August 2019

Ringing in the second half of 2019 already! It’s time to discover events nearby in your city. Sincere apologies for not having the July Events List. Have been unwell enough to not move around. Our August Events List is here and it will be updated throughout the month. So stay tuned. If you like our …

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5 Food Studios in Mumbai To Decode The Culinary Secrets

When it comes to food, a lot of us enjoy cooking and love to explore the blend of ingredients, tastes and cuisines. Cooking is an art and is rightly said. Mumbai has abundant food joints to not give you a thought to stay back at home and step in the kitchen. But a lot of us …

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A Braille Atlas For Visually Impaired – India Invents

India’s visually impaired population is over 50 lakhs. They now can study and learn India’s geography in detail rather than relying only on literature. Thanks to the efforts of NATMO and the initiative with a vision to make scientific information available to these souls in a cost-effective manner. Apparently free of cost.

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A reason to simply celebrate jewellery – HG Jewels

Do you really need an occasion to celebrate yourself ? You are a you  and that fact is enough to pamper yourself every single day. What better way to adorn yourself with a piece of jewellery? It can make you smile no matter how boring a day is. A piece of jewellery is also a great …

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Best Music Festivals in Indian Cities

Indians have the habit of tapping their feet even to the beats of simple environmental sound then why not dance and groove your bodies at the best music shows? With time that is evolving and the culture that is changing and adopting various other systems of the world, people have stated liking what is not …

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International Literacy Day 2016 – All That Is Around Us

It is International Literacy Day today and we at Alivindia strongly believe in the importance of being a literate and also passing the legacy to our future generations. So what meaning the word ‘literacy’ has for you? We need some real, fun, quirky answers from you. Post them in the comments below and lets share …

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Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations In Indian Cities And How!

The festival of Ganesh Chaturthi brings a sense of happiness, zest and the faith among the people across India and the Indians across the world. Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated over a span of 14 days, 4th day being the most celebrated in the fortnight, of the Bhaadrapada month of Hindu calendar. Mumbai is famous for these public …

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10 Best & Must Watch Indian Web Series – An Alternative To Daily Soaps

There is no dearth of soap operas that promise entertainment but at times we feel they all are the same. They end up being everything but entertainment. But times have changed and it would not be wrong to say, the world is getting digitized. The online community of people are doing some amazing stuff in …