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Indian Content Language Market Landscape

Explore Cities in India

A universe of home grown regional language social networks is taking shape. These startups lay a firm foundation in creating a language economy and offer an opportunity to network in regional languages.

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4 Skills Women Must Focus on to Succeed in a Gig Economy

The economies around the world are evolving. We’re increasingly seeing work cultures striving to become more and more women friendly through company policies. One has to keep unlearning the college lessons and learning the new ones to keep the career in order. Education and skills are two very different things and one needs to balance …

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5 Incubators For Indian Startups You Can Look Up To

As children, we were always overjoyed when we received pocket money from our elders on various occasions. The moment we got our pocket money, as “Shagun” ka money or the designer envelopes that we are showered with during festivals and birthdays from our elders. We cherish those moments and the money trying to make the …