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Explore and identify your relation with money. Financial literacy in many countries of the world is still a single digit. Conversations around financial literacy, financial inclusion and financial investments for individuals, organisations and governments.

All our money related decisions are interlinked and have huge implications when that money is circulated through various mediums. Here’s an attempt to understand, learn, unlearn and make more sense and relevance out of it.

All the financial information around us impacts the communities around us in layers. One needs to decode financial information and identify one’s relationship with money to unlock and experience the real forms of wealth – tangible and intangible.

Be it personal financial planning, organisational or governance or a transaction that does not route through a formal channel. Be it people who bank or the ones who don’t, it all affects what money does to you >>> what you do to money.

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RBI’s Financial Literacy Week 2019 – Farmers

RBI's Financial Literacy Week For Farmers

Financial Literacy Week will be observed by RBI between June 3, 2019, to June 7, 2019. This initiative aims to educate Indian Farmers on the formal banking system and how they can benefit from it. This is a campaign disseminating important financial information based on different themes. A centralized mass media campaign will focus on …