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RBI’s Financial Literacy Week 2019 – Farmers

RBI's Financial Literacy Week For Farmers

Financial Literacy Week will be observed by RBI between June 3, 2019, to June 7, 2019. This initiative aims to educate Indian Farmers on the formal banking system and how they can benefit from it. This is a campaign disseminating important financial information based on different themes. A centralized mass media campaign will focus on …

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Indian Content Language Market Landscape

Explore Cities in India

A universe of home grown regional language social networks is taking shape. These startups lay a firm foundation in creating a language economy and offer an opportunity to network in regional languages.

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Consti-tuition: A Tuition for every Indian

We at AlivIndia care enough about the governance and political space. We are at the helm of a political change that has created darker hues. It makes us think what keeps us so distant from our political spectrum. The answer is our ignorance to all that has happened inside the parliament for so many years. …

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World Tourism Day Conclave in Mumbai

“Stalwarts of the Tourism & Diplomatic fraternity gather to pledge for Sustainable Tourism” ‘Maharashtra has it all. Beaches, hills, forests and wilderness, we welcome tourists to our state to enjoy our natural tourism destinations . It is now up to us to improve civic sense and keep our natural heritage clean. Enjoy your travel but …

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Let Philosophy Meet Life

One fine Saturday evening, as I walked into the New Acropolis center at Khar, I was eager to discover in what interesting way music would take my heart away, yet again. My endeavors with music got deeper two years ago when I started to invest time in learning classical singing. After just a few sessions, …


Upcoming Awards In Advertising Space

Awards are a great way to acknowledge creative professionals as well as creative work. The advertising industry is always grappling with the most unique minds at work. It filters the performers from workaholics. What better way to know them, check them out and get inspiration for the year ahead. You can find out the industry …


iVolunteer celebrates Good Deeds Day in Mumbai

What difference can one act of positivity, possibly make! Does it change anything at all? This is perhaps the most common question that comes to our mind when we think about performing a simple act of kindness. But yet we do it, simply because the more we do good the more it spreads! It is …

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Gudi Padwa As It Happened

Gudi Padwa marks the beginning of the New Year according to the Luni-solar Hindu calendar. For a nation that takes great pride in its agricultural prowess, Gudi Padwa is an extremely important harvest festival. The day is also celebrated as Ugadi in Andhra, Yugadi in Karnataka, Cheti Chand by Sindhis and Navreh by Kashmiri Pandits. …


Razzberry Rhinoceros Is Back In The Business

Island city’s landscape is an asylum for everything mankind. Mumbai’s timeline is an endless journey of discoveries. Especially so in food and culture. The food corners, pubs, bars and lounges hence find for themselves an audience that has an emotional connect and is welcoming to the ‘new’, ‘raw’ and ‘real’. The experiential is here to …

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A Braille Atlas For Visually Impaired – India Invents

India’s visually impaired population is overĀ 50 lakhs. They now can study and learn India’s geography in detail rather than relying only on literature. Thanks to the efforts of NATMO and theĀ initiative with a vision to make scientific information available to these souls in a cost-effective manner. Apparently free of cost.