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Indian Content Language Market Landscape

Explore Cities in India

A universe of home grown regional language social networks is taking shape. These startups lay a firm foundation in creating a language economy and offer an opportunity to network in regional languages.


10 TED Talks On Languages

Who made the language you’ve been using all this while to communicate every single aspect of your identity and existence? Where did the words come from? Is there anything like a language habit? Find the answers to these and many more questions about languages that you probably never thought of. Here is a list of …


Patriotism In Our Languages

India has crossed 60+ years of independence. With 22 officially recognised languages in its constitution, the realities of regional languages in every corner of the country is in a sorry state. Patriotism is a loose word in speeches nowadays. It is often connected with politics and governance overlooking the culture element of it. A¬†language is …

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New Section – Polyglot

India has recognised 22 languages as official languages. How many do you know? or how many can you speak? Languages are my love and I started teaching Hindi to Expats in 2011. I always wanted to create a larger space for people who love languages. This initiative now expands and we are glad to announce …