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Brand Profile: Gezond – A Healthy Sin

How many times have you visited a dessert shop without guilt? Guilt of indulging in more than you should. Guilt of timing your presence in the store, of controlling your cravings, of saying “just one last time”. Happens most of the times, right? Well, the last few years have seen the metros of India take …


Brand Profile: Road Kills India

I have been living in Mumbai since childhood. The city is a mix of everything. What’s utmost unique is that it has a living and a thriving forest called Aarey and it’s an island city. It’s a natural ecosystem and a home to a wide variety of wildlife species, animals, birds and tribal communities. Whenever …


Brand Profile: The Bridge – Bridging the Gap in Indian Sports

India has only won 28 medals in all the Olympic Games it has participated in since 1900. In the last five Olympics, India has managed to win 14 medals and only one gold.    Why is it that we don’t have a world-class Basketball team from the one billion plus Indians? Why is Hockey dying in India? …


The Growing Tea Brands of India

The Chai industry is brewing a lot of development in India. We’re a tea society, a beverage that connects people, infuses a traditional flavor in conversations and brings them alive. For a reason or without one, we’re always up for a cup of tea. India always lacked a dedicated tea serving spots unlike the coffee …

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Brand Profile – Design Fabric – Come Aliv with Art, Design and Life

Design Fabric is an arts & design publication based in Mumbai where they collaborate with artists and designers to produce stories on various themes. Design Fabric was launched in February with the opening theme of ‘GIFs’. Their second issue was based on ‘IMAGE’ and recently exhibited their third issue based on ‘URDU’.

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CuriousLifeCoffeeRoasters – Coffee At Its Best By An Ex-Army Man From Jaipur

While all coffee lovers in India will leave no stone unturned to explore different flavours, coffee breweries still are nascent in India. What is a perfect cup of coffee? The best ideas, conversations and stories come alive when the first brew of the day is serious matter. Cafe Coffee Day in the year 1996 came …

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New Section – Polyglot

India has recognised 22 languages as official languages. How many do you know? or how many can you speak? Languages are my love and I started teaching Hindi to Expats in 2011. I always wanted to create a larger space for people who love languages. This initiative now expands and we are glad to announce …

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Qtrove – A den of handmade lifestyle products

The Indian market is abuzz with its love for handmade products. They are wanted because of the personal touch and its natural vibe. Have you ever thought of a house full of handmade products? From food, towels and accessories to pet care, gifts and even DIY kits? Your world is only going to get dreamy …

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Quilting back the ancient tradition in India

Women empowerment is not just employing them to make them earn but a question of self sustenance. This has been in talks almost everywhere from schools to the manifesto of political parties. The solution however still remain a question yet to be answered.  Ask a women how she feels in the job she is in …

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#AlivConversations: Shabia Walia from Tattva

Women and beauty can never go out of fashion. The goodness is always trending. But have the times changed? Are women getting busier day by day and starting to compromise on their skin care regime? Well, if not all a couple of them are. I am a woman and constantly under a dilemma whether the …