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Captain Radhika Menon, the first woman to receive the Bravery Award at the Sea!

Women have been the power houses of the families. Whether they are independent and working or are they house keepers, it is them who have had led a better lives for all the others at the place. With time, when they are receiving appreciation and support from the others in the family, workplace and friends, she builds up her confidence to jump into various professions and prove her abilities and potential which could be equal to or more then the men as well. All that she requires is the support and the push to make herself be known in field. We would not want to miss having them at Aliv and knowing more about them.

On 22 nd June, 2016, in the most tremulous weather situations, Captain Menon, one of the first Indian Woman to captain the Indian Merchant Navy, rescued 7 fishermen who were rather thought of being dead in the storm. The fishermen were shipping in the boat “Durgamma” had been drifted from Kakinada in Andhra Pradesh to Gopalpur in Odisha. The fishermen have had no idea as to how could they save their lives. The storm and the water waves had washed off the food and other supplies that they have had in the ship. All that they have had and were surviving over was the ice from the cold storage.
Radhika Menon - Indian Navy
Captain Menon had noticed their ship almost 2.5km away from the shore and grabbed all her courage and the thinking capacity to make sure that the fishermen are being rescued. She was standing at the helm of the oil tanker “Sampurna Swarajya” when she spotted the vessel. She immediately ordered for a rescue operation calling out for life jackets and pilot ladder to save the people as soon as possible. The water was at its heights. The waves were almost at more than 25 feet, winds of more than 60 knots and more and heavy rainfall through which the captain managed to rescue the survivors. It took almost 3 attempts in the heavy weather to get the fishermen out on land.
The families of the fishermen were overwhelmed when they get to know about their rescue as they had left the hopes of them coming home. A resident of Kodungullar in Kerala is said to be receiving her Bravery Award recognized by Indian Government along with International Maritime Organization (IMO) which has been recognized by United Nations as well. Bravery award is usually awarded to the people who have given up their lives in order to save the others, the marine environment and the sea population altogether. It is an honour for her, the female gender as well as the country as a whole to have gems like her.

The ceremony held to award the captain is supposed to be on November 21 at IMO headquarters. She will be given the award along with rewards for her actions. The media as well as the government of India sets her example and enhances the women of India to get into various fields and profession, work up to their potential and make the most of it, rise in their own eyes as well of the others. We need more like Captain Menon, Salutes to her!

Written By Pooja Shah

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