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4 Skills Women Must Focus on to Succeed in a Gig Economy

The economies around the world are evolving. We’re increasingly seeing work cultures striving to become more and more women friendly through company policies. One has to keep unlearning the college lessons and learning the new ones to keep the career in order. Education and skills are two very different things and one needs to balance both to stay ahead of the curve throughout the professional lives.

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Women today are proactive to walk on innovative pathways and this makes skilling more important than ever. The gig economy is fast picking up and if you have your eyes set on it, you’ll have to map the right skillset to make the most of it.

The gig economy is here to stay because of three primary reasons: Temporary Employment, Good Money and Constantly Refreshing Environment. The whole ecosystem of gig economy in increasing the share of workforce it employs and this is only expected to increase in the coming years. It’s actually a change that can benefit women employees and employers. One can easily find formal courses to educate themselves but that’s not enough. With times changing, you’ll have to re-educate and proactively work on the below mentioned ways of thinking.

Logic and Critical Thinking

Keeping abreast with a changing marketplace is never easy. Asking better and the right questions, getting into the process of experimentation, being comfortable with uncertainties, creating a different-unbiased perspective on data, analysis and issues are some of the ways you should own if you wish to succeed. So a class on critical thinking and logic will do the required polishing for you.

Human Resources

The ecosystem of gig economy calls for short term employment. That doesn’t change the rules and roles of the game. Know your deliverables, whether you hire or get employed. Ask your questions, save your time and perform or perish are the rules of the game. A course in HR would help you gain insights into the functioning of the organisation.


Understand the finance and taxes. You’ll also take the responsibility to create and/or juggle with financial flexibility. You must know how to analyse your monthly statements to see if you’re financing the life you want.  A right question is how well can you manage a bootstrapped situation.


No matter what specialization you hail yourself from, as a freelancer you must know the 360 degrees of communication and customer needs to be able to persuade them at all levels. You cannot not distinguish between a good copy and a copy that sells. A basic course in Marketing & Communication will help you add value in your professional relationships.

Where’s to learn?

Internet has made this world a small yet deeply connected place. Use it to your benefit. Coursera, edX, UDemy, BetterU are a few names that can broaden your horizon in no time. These platforms offer free and paid courses and you can choose depending upon your learning requirement. Identify what’s lacking in you and cement it by rightfully and mindfully investing in yourself. There you are ready to play on field.

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