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I have been living in Mumbai since childhood. The city is a mix of everything. What’s utmost unique is that it has a living and a thriving forest called Aarey and it’s an island city. It’s a natural ecosystem and a home to a wide variety of wildlife species, animals, birds and tribal communities. Whenever there is an infrastructure project that is coming up, I often wonder how can someone have the heart to destroy nature. If we are to ever loose ourselves, it is in nature and if we are to ever find ourselves, it’s in nature. So here’s discussing about a citizen initiative that is working towards minimizing wild animal deaths along roads, irrigation canals and railway lines.

Roadkills India is a citizen science initiative that collates data on mortality of wild animals on roads, irrigation canals or railway lines across India. It engages with citizens across the borders, collects the data and makes it available to researchers and infrastructure planners to eventually aid anyone and everyone to improve passenger safety whenever road/railway line is planned or upgraded. It’s a wonderful initiative to democratize data collection, the absence of which is a hindrance for citizens and professionals to effectively engage in preserving wildlife in an around their localities and educate the fellow citizens.

In the midst of our hectic lifestyles, we have stopped identifying lives other than human. We’ve stopped connecting with living organisms who form a part of our extended families, who need us and whom we need too. Infrastructure and construction activities have reached a point where they are only accommodating man and not nature. These projects only look for commercialization and profits which are human attributes. We have failed to realize and execute our responsibilities towards wildlife, environment and the natural ecosystems around us who are a part of us and they together make us. Roadkills India thus is something we all should collectively look up to and engage with to foster co-existence.


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