Brand Profile: Gezond – A Healthy Sin

How many times have you visited a dessert shop without guilt? Guilt of indulging in more than you should. Guilt of timing your presence in the store, of controlling your cravings, of saying “just one last time”. Happens most of the times, right? Well, the last few years have seen the metros of India take its food habits quite seriously. Blend that change of habit well with a dash entrepreneurial spirit and some love for your mamma! What you get out of it is the brand we discuss below. A sin you want to commit NOW!

What is Gezond?

Gezond is a healthy bakery whipping up deliciously healthy, nutritious bakes made with the freshest of ingredients – 100% eggless, vegan, gluten free, free of artificial ingredients or colors, sugar free and power-packed with goodness for some pure guilt-free pleasure. In a little over 5 months, Gezond has received immense love of customers ordering from all over Mumbai.

Apart from being a healthy bakery, Gezond is also a lot of other things for Rohini Makkad, Co Founder, Gezond. With an aim to bust the myth of “healthy” does not go with “tasty” and giving her hardworking, super talented and ambitious mother, a way to escape the monotony of her daily life, highlight her true potential and get the limelight she genuinely deserves, Rohini Makkad conceptualized and brought Gezond to life along with her mother Suman Kalra. Now, there is no looking back for this mother daughter duo.

Don’t we all need that in this day and age of calorie loaded, sinful desserts?

Gezond is your way out to experience a symphony of flavours in every bite with a healthy range of bakes, made with the freshest of ingredients and liberal servings of love.

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Gezond delivers all over Mumbai.

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