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July 3, 2018 | Curated Reads | By admin | 0 Comments

Books are a great way to polish our perspectives, go uncluttered into the world we cannot see and evaluate our insights on topics that interests us. So we thought of doing book recommendations and listing out some titles that could be interesting for you too and make up for a cozy weekend. Tell us your side of story in the comments or mails. We are always up for a Hi or a Chai!

Jugaad Yatra: Exploring The Indian Art Of Problem Solving – Former journalist Dean Nelson. 

  1. The RTI Story – Aruna Roy.
  2. Touch Sky – Rashmi Bansal – Women Heroes who have written their own destinies.
  3. Moong Over MicroChips – Adventures of a Techie Turned Farmer  By Venkat Iyer.
  4. Yogi On Dalal Street – Arun Thukral.
  5. Why I am A Hindu – Shashi Tharoor.

Constitutional Systems of the world – The Constitution of India: A Contextual Analysis – Arun Thiruvengadam.

  1. So who are you reading this month? Let us know and #BAliv

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