Brand Profile: Road Kills India

I have been living in Mumbai since childhood. The city is a mix of everything. What’s utmost unique is that it has a living and a thriving forest called Aarey and it’s an island city. It’s a natural ecosystem and a home to a wide variety of wildlife species, animals, birds and tribal communities. Whenever …


March Events To Look Forward To

Hello people! Here’s a compiled list of events for March. Let’s empower ourselves to be more informed, aware and intellectual. More events will be added through the month so keep watching this space for all the updates.

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4 Skills Women Must Focus on to Succeed in a Gig Economy

The economies around the world are evolving. We’re increasingly seeing work cultures striving to become more and more women friendly through company policies. One has to keep unlearning the college lessons and learning the new ones to keep the career in order. Education and skills are two very different things and one needs to balance …


Brand Profile: The Bridge – Bridging the Gap in Indian Sports

India has only won 28 medals in all the Olympic Games it has participated in since 1900. In the last five Olympics, India has managed to win 14 medals and only one gold.    Why is it that we don’t have a world-class Basketball team from the one billion plus Indians? Why is Hockey dying in India? …


The Growing Tea Brands of India

The Chai industry is brewing a lot of development in India. We’re a tea society, a beverage that connects people, infuses a traditional flavor in conversations and brings them alive. For a reason or without one, we’re always up for a cup of tea. India always lacked a dedicated tea serving spots unlike the coffee …


February Events to Look Forward To

Explore Cities in India

Here’s what you can look forward to to engage in events, conversations and activities that’ll help you celebrate the month of love at deeper levels. Like, share and comment your thoughts and do share this list with your peers too!


December Events to Look forward To

Hello lovelies. Year 2017 is gearing up for a closure and we want you to learn, explore and unwind to life and everything around it before you begin with 2018. AlivIndia stands for a progressive lifestyle that engages you into experiences that expand your horizons an d not just keep dreaming about a better world. …


10 TED Talks On Languages

Who made the language you’ve been using all this while to communicate every single aspect of your identity and existence? Where did the words come from? Is there anything like a language habit? Find the answers to these and many more questions about languages that you probably never thought of. Here is a list of …

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Brand Profile – Design Fabric – Come Aliv with Art, Design and Life

Design Fabric is an arts & design publication based in Mumbai where they collaborate with artists and designers to produce stories on various themes. Design Fabric was launched in February with the opening theme of ‘GIFs’. Their second issue was based on ‘IMAGE’ and recently exhibited their third issue based on ‘URDU’.

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Consti-tuition: A Tuition for every Indian

We at AlivIndia care enough about the governance and political space. We are at the helm of a political change that has created darker hues. It makes us think what keeps us so distant from our political spectrum. The answer is our ignorance to all that has happened inside the parliament for so many years. …