Events to Look Forward to – August 2018

July just flew by quite literally. I hope our events list is interesting. Please do keep sharing your feedback or just let us know what you are looking for. We’ll make it happen. This month, it’s time to look forward to interesting workshops, artistic engagements and media events. Here’s our events list for August 2018 …

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Book Recommendations

Books are a great way to polish our perspectives, go uncluttered into the world we cannot see and evaluate our insights on topics that interests us. So we thought of doing book recommendations and listing out some titles that could be interesting for you too and make up for a cozy weekend. Tell us your …


Events To Look Forward to – July 2018

Explore Cities in India

Hello lovelies! Our events list is here with amazing stuff to keep you engaged, open up new avenues for you to explore and ways to have as much fun as you can. We’ve added a new section called governance and we are looking forward to increased participation of people around. After all, we all want …


June Events to Look Forward to

The year 2018 is already done with 5 months. A lot of you must have felt life just passed you by. But not really. It all has contributed to your growth and progress somewhere. So cheerio to all of you as we lead to another fun and fulfilled half of 2018. Check out the events …


April Events To Look Forward to

Here’s the list of cool things to do in April. We have changed the format a bit. We would love to hear from you if this is more suitable. Check out the listings and tell us what do you think about it


Brand Profile: Gezond – A Healthy Sin

How many times have you visited a dessert shop without guilt? Guilt of indulging in more than you should. Guilt of timing your presence in the store, of controlling your cravings, of saying “just one last time”. Happens most of the times, right? Well, the last few years have seen the metros of India take …


Brand Profile: Road Kills India

I have been living in Mumbai since childhood. The city is a mix of everything. What’s utmost unique is that it has a living and a thriving forest called Aarey and it’s an island city. It’s a natural ecosystem and a home to a wide variety of wildlife species, animals, birds and tribal communities. Whenever …


March Events To Look Forward To

Hello people! Here’s a compiled list of events for March. Let’s empower ourselves to be more informed, aware and intellectual. More events will be added through the month so keep watching this space for all the updates.

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4 Skills Women Must Focus on to Succeed in a Gig Economy

The economies around the world are evolving. We’re increasingly seeing work cultures striving to become more and more women friendly through company policies. One has to keep unlearning the college lessons and learning the new ones to keep the career in order. Education and skills are two very different things and one needs to balance …


Brand Profile: The Bridge – Bridging the Gap in Indian Sports

India has only won 28 medals in all the Olympic Games it has participated in since 1900. In the last five Olympics, India has managed to win 14 medals and only one gold.    Why is it that we don’t have a world-class Basketball team from the one billion plus Indians? Why is Hockey dying in India? …