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Word Express with Trilogy in Mumbai

Language and story engagements are wonderful and refreshing for kids. It enlightens their creative instinct and makes them come up with something new. The art of story telling, story writing and character detailing just got better. Trilogy knows how to get that right for your kids. Words will become the world for your kids from …


8 cool shopping websites to vouch for

Online shopping is cool, fun and time saving. If you are looking out for some worthy options to buy online apart from the really well known ones, here is a curated list of  8 of them that you wouldn’t want to miss checking out.

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Trilogy has some romantic literary sessions on 19th Sunday

For those who love literary affairs, Trilogy manages to carry off the engagement in impressive ways. This Sunday the 19th of April, Trilogy starts with new sessions under its Poetry Project. Introducing John Keats, 2nd generation Romantic who died in his twenties, the session takes you through the various aspects that gives a poem the …

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#AlivConversations: Shabia Walia from Tattva

Women and beauty can never go out of fashion. The goodness is always trending. But have the times changed? Are women getting busier day by day and starting to compromise on their skin care regime? Well, if not all a couple of them are. I am a woman and constantly under a dilemma whether the …


Judicial Museum in Mumbai – A Sunday visit

The city of Mumbai is filled with rich architectural history Mumbai now has a Judicial museum at Bombay High Court. The court dipicts rich judicial history of Mumbai spaninng for three centuries. Right from Mayor’s court which was the first court that was held in Mumbai (then Bombay) between 1726 – 1798 to the Reader’s …

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Meet Payal Tyagi – Mompreneur who is spreading fragrance with an Indian touch

There is something that makes women entrepreneurs special to me. They are more than the general perceptions. They make reality out of dreams and are inspirational. Some have started out before climbing the so called corporate ladder while some post that. Immaterial is the satisfaction one gets after following your heart and it’s timeless and …


High spirits this Saturday at The Mugshot Lounge & Cafe

    Beat the heat while increasing the temperatures every weekend. The Mugshot Lounge offers you a reason to embrace the last summery Saturday of March. Abhishek Mantri ensures you a night full of vibrant electronic music. He will be performing the latest EDM tracks making waves internationally and are trending globally. You can now …


In the spirit of patriotism

I have been following the India Against Corruption (IAC) movement quite closely and its remarkable to see the spirit of patriotism in the hearts of people in India. Whether it is the true zeal to serve the country or the saturation level of the people that forces them to participate is a question I leave …

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Fun Monsoon Coffee recipes to try out at home

The monsoons in Mumbai are just amazing and you can experience all the bliss even with a simple coffee. Rains are a beautiful excuse to escape for a holiday with friends or family.Talking about coffee, do you really need a reason to sip coffee? No. But there are some that make a special call for …