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10 Best & Must Watch Indian Web Series – An Alternative To Daily Soaps

There is no dearth of soap operas that promise entertainment but at times we feel they all are the same. They end up being everything but entertainment. But times have changed and it would not be wrong to say, the world is getting digitized. The online community of people are doing some amazing stuff in all fields. You name it and you have it. So all you people out there who are looking for an alternative to daily boring soaps, here are some Indian Web Series that will not only entertain you but also make you informed in your interest areas or we may say your passion. From startups, to modern day relationship issues to pressing social issues, these series manage to speak a real language. Something that you and me will easily find a connect to.

Indians traditionally are known to be influenced by western countries. The apparel, the education systems, the mind sets and the perspectives of the people. However, in the present day scenario, it is all changing and we are preparing ourselves to face the realities of everyday life. The youth (16-30 years of age) is more inclined towards the web series  as it serves with varied and better content than the dramatic common Indian Saas-Bahu dailies.

There are production houses that are coming up with better television series that would have the idea of the changing the Indian minds. They bring in different concepts and ideas of living relationships, romance, friendship, the realities and the struggle of the people in the real lives, the adventure as well as the love for various professions and lifestyles. According to the viewership statistics, the people prefer more of such series that enhance the thinking of people and their lifestyles. The original content and the issues that we can relate to are under the talks of the shows. Few of the shows that need to be mentioned when we talk about the Indian Web Series are listed below.

As there are different views according to the theme of the series, there could not be an exact statistics that could be found as to which one is the best but there are popular ones.

Baked- Scoop Whoop Presentation

Baked is one of the web series that instills the idea of starting up something on your own in the company of your friends during the best time of the life. The story revolves around a group of friends studying in college who have the idea of starting something; they start up the midnight food delivery services that allows the people like them be delivered delicious food at the time of their convenience. It moves with the daily ups and downs of their lives, managing their college, business as well as their personal lives. Its built by The ScoopWhoop team.

Pitchers: TVF (The Viral Fever Presentation)

Pitchers is said to be one of the best web Indian series. It is rated at 9.7 points at IMDb rating and said to be the most popular Indian web series to be watched. The Pitchers is inspired by one of the American TV series named Silicon Valley where in the four of friends quit their jobs in order to find something of their own and start up on their capabilities. It takes daring to face these real life situations and move out of it courageously. It has tastes of humor and drama into it and the good thing about the show is that the youth can easily connect to it.

Permanent Roommates: TVF Presentation

Permanent Roommates, web series that talks about the life of a couple who are exactly opposite and yet fall in love with each other. The protagonists, Tanya and Mikesh are different identities who are independent and adorably irritating creature respectively. They fall for each other and then the romance revolves around their real lives, as to how do they tackle and balance the two. There are other characters in the show that are developed to highlight the realities of the couple and how we can easily relate to them in few of our friends or neighbors.

Bang Baaja Baarat: YRF’s Y-Films Presentation

When it comes to India, weddings become the best thing to talk about. Especially the Big Indian Fat Weddings are the most popular weddings that are being talked about. The series moves through the same storyline along with the ups and downs that the couple faces with the Indian mindsets in the surrounding. The financial issues that come when the weddings come into the picture, the relatives and the talks and then booms and bangs that happen during a wedding is what the series revolves around. The original mixture of drama, romance, humor and realities is engraved in the theme of the story.

Man’s World: Y-Films

In an Indian Scenario, people are used to patriarchal society but what if it shifts to the matriarchal? Will the population be as accepting as it is now? The situations and the mindsets will change; the home settings and the decisions will differ. The sexist society needs to change and the real struggle that it will have is being shown through this web series. The man gets to have the real taste of the society when he shifts to the other side of the sea.

Alisha: Blush Culture Machine

The role of the women is changing in today’s society and that the women take up the profession that has always been tucked with the men’s identity. Here, in Alisha, the stigma of men being the bold and having the detective qualities is being shaved off and shown by a woman. Not only does she handle the identities of a detective, but she is equally a blend of the fashion, emotions and drama.  It is an all-time favorite show that caters to the needs of the women of our society.

Pretentious Reviews by Kanan Gill

Kanan Gill has been showering on all the web browsers in most of the laptops of the youth because of the very Pretentious Reviews. The show talks about or rather reviews the other plots and dramas that are viewed on the Indian TV sets. The series gives hilarious reviews about the movies and the TV shows that are being picked by the two IT boys. The show does a hit with the connection that it builds among the viewers.

Confessions, It’s Complicated: FM India

Girls always have had dreams of conquering the world and get it under their rule. The confessions talks about the same struggles that a girl would face in making the world under her hands, the problems that she faces in the society, the taunts and the blames that she and her family hears because of her aspiring dreams. She is not equal to men is what the society believes in but not her. Her wish to change this mentality lets her grow in her own eyes. Every girl who can connect to the show must watch the show.

Love bytes: Sony LIV

Love byte is a romantic and drama series that is being portrayed in a modernized society in an urban set up. A couple stays in a live in relationship and the story revolves around the same background. The problems that they face from the society, the families, friends as well as the people around them and how smartly they tackle each of them. It is cranky and adds a little twist to the typical love stories.

Girl in the City: UTV Bindaas

A story that is based on a girl that shifts to the city of her dreams, Mumbai. The way she faces struggles on her first day in the city, from her renting apartment to her internship, her cultural shocks that she faces to the different perspectives that she in the city. She pursues her passion in the fashion industry and tries building her own identity in the city of unknown.

Apart from all the above mentioned, there are many more of the web series that have managed pretty well in grabbing the attention of our folks who are always open for new and different content. The youth is easily engaged into such series as they can easily connect to the stories that are portrayed in the series and that they can equally find solution out there in their real lives. Make a way for yourself in the country of people that are competing with their own battles. Tell us what do you think of the above article. Did we miss something? Shoot it in the comments below. Remember to #BAliv. We are on Facebook | Twitter

Written by Pooja Shah

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