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Benefits of Conscious Breathing


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All of us are leading a hectic lifestyle. We practically do not have the time to manage our health and wealth both at the same time, failing to realize that there are more pleasant things in life to do than just be active on social media or at your work place. Have you ever considered the impact of your stress and over busy schedules on your mental and emotional wellbeing? You might feel alright but there are chances you are missing the warning signals of health problems.

Our breathing regulates our physical, mental and emotional system. You will be surprised to know how it can cost you and how you can benefit from it. So in this piece, I will talk about the conscious breathing and how you can use it to keep your health in check.

Firstly one must realize that breathing is actual work we do. Because you have been doing it right from the time you were born, you think it is a subconscious activity that just happens. So check that flow of breath and become aware about it. I have personally experienced this and it does actually work. Work on the inhaling and exhaling process. take deep breath and see how your body is reacting to it.

Deep breathing helps you bring balance in the following ways.

It reduces anxiety – In the everyday rush, our breathing is disturbed, restless and quick. This creates an imbalance in the natural relaxation process. Make an effort to regulate your breath.  Breathe slow, deep and more consciously each time.

Helps you build focus – Conscious breathing is an effortess way to make you more focus towards your tasks and goals at large. This is because it helps maximise the reach of oxygen in the brain. You will find yourself more intentional in things you do and make informed decisions in your everyday life.

Aids in digestion – Conscious breathing activates your complete system not leaving the digestion. It helps the body perform better digestive activities as your organ are working in a rhythmic yet organised fashion.

Allows your skin to breathe – This is the easiest change you will observe once you start working on your breath. It expands your cells, enhances the flow of air and blood into your nerves  giving you a healthy and a natural glow. Try it, it will take you a long way.

Reduces the risk of diseases – Slow and deep breathing enhances the reach of oxygen to the tissues. This reduces the risk of diseases that are more likely to cause due to lack of oxygen or related to it.

Apart from these, deep and conscious breathing also helps in lowering the blood pressure, reducing cravings and helping you sleep better. Thus making you more active and lead a happy, positive and vibrant lifestyle.

Aren’t these the simple ways to better your health? Let us know how did you find this article. If you have some more interesting stuff, then do share it with us in the comments below. Till then #BeAlive


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