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#AlivConversations: The Travelling Couple – Elsie And Victor Ferns

Travel is an expedition we consciously make. It puts us in a state to absorb the nature, life and history LIVE. It influences us as individuals and inspires us to reach out to what is otherwise unknown. If simply traveling was this majestic, what would it be to travel with your better half?  Elsie shared with us her couple travel tale. If you are reading ahead, you will want to escape to an exotic location right away. Go ahead and thank us later.


Elsie and Victor Ferns live an adventurous and outdoor life most of the time. This gorgeous couple travels to offbeat and exotic locations around the world enjoying their vitality to the fullest. For them, the yearning of discovering new places together is more than just love and passion for one another, it’s a love and passion to discover the anthropology around the planet.

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Says Elsie, besides being a traveler, who is an Author of the book ‘Get Out Get Going Outdoors’, a strong exponent of living life outdoors, “I believe the natural world connects us all universally on this earth. It binds us together with its streams, rivers, branches and flowers, bees and bears all of us are connected. Travel makes me enjoy this connectivity.” Adds Elsie, “ Outdoors is very healing. Travelling is a humbling experience too, you begin to realize that there is a world outside yourself. You become less selfish. Like Gustave Flaubert once said, “Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” I truly echo this. People who collect experiences are happier than those who collect things. I hate to shop. I love to write. We work hard to make the travel a reality, now a days with installments, sales, promotions, discounted packages and deals you can always strike a good bargain if you are alert. I rather collect experiences.”



Victor is an Engineer, He loves to travel. He is a travel addict and totally bitten by the travel bug. Not to say Victor loves to trek in the Himalayas or dive in Mauritius all the time but believe me, he just seizes a good time and place, simply designs an outdoor trip for the both of them which is as simple as fishing in nearby Powai lake or cooking up an outdoor meal in the Jungles of their neighboring state. Or even taking the new AC Bus ride on a rainy day to the last bus stop in their very own city to document the flooding. They make more monthly trips to the local slum huntsmen in Dharavi than actually just going abroad all the time. So, its not all fancy travelling for them all the time. He is a die hard romantic and will ensure he executes the plan to the last detail for the both of them. He even helps her pack when she is too excited! On how travelling is a hobby and relationship enhancer, elaborates Victor, “Traveling is the best thing for a relationship. It strengthens it. When we get back home after our travels we go into withdrawal symptoms but guess what, I have Elsie to share all the travel details with, all the emotions and events which are sometimes impossible to describe to other people. We relive our travel stories everyday.” Adds Victor further, “ We have loads of little curios from all over the world. A Piranha fish mural from the Amazon, a shell from Maldives, Ostrich feather keychain from Capetown, Snorkels from Cairns, Sand in a bottle from Bali, Fishing hooks from our trips to Goa, Masks from Las Vegas, and so many T shirts from our tours which remind us of our trails. The best cure to this kind of nostalgia is travelling alongside someone  who can share these memories with you when you return and relive them together.”


Elsie and Victor Ferns truly believe that discovering the tiny simple things, the closeness and intimacy and the feeling that you are safe anywhere, anytime as long as you are together, keeps them making travel plans even before the present one ends! They keep their relationship spark alive on the road. While their outdoor escapades have been amazing, and certainly induce some “wow’s on social media, travel for them has not been entirely a series of  honeymoon/holiday  trip after trip. Both Victor and Elsie have dedicated most of their travels, almost 75% to charity work, relief calls, environment assessment, anthropology writing, education and volunteer work.

They have built a brighter future for many orphans in Nepal, have donated towards the Penguins in South Africa, promoted the villagers in Madagascar, also dedicated towards creating awareness about the Great Barrier Reef in Cairns and the Amazon forest tribes among many many more.

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Quoting an anonymous author, outlines Elsie, “We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” We live most of the time in jungle lodges, local homestays, camping tents like the ones in the Chitwan National Park Nepal during a Tiger /Elephant safari, apartment hotels which allow us to cook because we both fish but Vic simply loves to fish. Trip to ports and fishing harbors’ is on top of the agenda. Our visit to the local farmers market and fish market is a must.  Bus rides around town  is another compulsory trip. We cook with the locals most of the time and share a meal with them, like in Mauritius we took all our catch home to the fisherman’s home and cooked it all, in Madagascar during a field picnic we got invited to, we  ate the wild spinach and boiled organic rice, we also ate Piranhas in South America once. Our tales are endless and we feel blessed to be enriched by Gods creation living inside our heads, everyday we give thanks and praise.”


Travelling together can be fun, planning the trips is more fun they both say.  “We both have travel responsibilities for sure,” Says Victor, “Our tasks by now are well outlined. Elsie gets the itineraries done according to the relief work or volunteer travel or number of days available to us. I maintain a dairy, numbers, budgets, contacts, seats, schedules, time charts, it all comes so naturally now, these are the foundations of the many incredible moments that we’ve experienced together.”

Talking about their best travel moments, Victor says ‘fishing’ in New York, everyone thinks New York is all about Manhattan, not at all, emphasizes Victor that he enjoyed fishing in Long Island and also in Mauritius and Sri Lanka during the night fishing.  For Elsie, her tribal dance when picked by the Tribal Amazon Chief in the Jungle was her ecstatic moment as well as her dive under the great Barrier Reef.

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“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” – Mark Twain. Well this travelling couple works very hard on their journeys, you may ask them any travel queries and they will surely give you as many tips as you want! Catch them before they embark on their next escapade, I guess they are thinking of going fishing again!! Hah!

That was a beautiful tale about how travel brings you closer to yourself as well as your better half. If you wish to share your own story or talk about your brand then write in to us at alivindia99@gmail.com. Keep in touch with us on Facebook and Twitter

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