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10 Must Follow Indian Food Blogs For Every Foodie

Blogs are an interesting place to find, share and curate valuable content. People share their personal experiences and that is what makes it super cool. So for all you foodies out there, you definitely are seeking ways to blend well with the art of cooking as well as eating. Whether a newbie or a culinary expert, these Indian Food Blogs are a great resource to recipes, insights and ideas of everything cooking, eating and food. Also these are my favorites.

1. Archana’s Kitchen

By Whom – Archana Doshi
What is it – A Vegetarian Food Blog
What’s so special – Check her menu ideas
Must try – Recipes/Special dishes from different states

2. Hungry Forever

By Whom – Pradeep Rajadas
What’s so special – Exclusive recipes and user experience
Must try – Desserts

3. Edible Garden

By Whom – Nags
What’s so special – Covers everyday recipes
Must try – Vegetarian Curries

4. Vegan Richa

By Whom – Richa Hingle
What’s so special – All recipes
Must try – Main Course recipes

5. Divine Taste

By Whom – Anushruti RK
What’s so special – vegetarian and Sattvic recipes
Must try – Sattvic recipes for overall health

6. Saffron Trail – Nandita Iyer

By Whom – Nandita Iyer
What’s so special – Continental Cuisine
Must try – Desserts

7. Bawi Bride 

By Whom – Perzen Patel
What’s so special – A Parsi Food Blog
Must try – Parsi Recipes

8. Branded Bawi

By Whom – Zenia Irani
What’s so special –
Must try – Her recipes with a blend of different ingredients.

9. Nikhil Merchant – Nonchalant Gormand

By Whom – Nikhil Merchant
What’s so special – So much variety
Must try – Check out his categories as I could not decide on 1 thing

10. Richa – MyFoodStory

By Whom – Richa
What’s so special – Check her baked dishes
Must try – Her Desserts

These were just some of the many. Tell me which Indian Food Bloggers do you like to follow the most in the comments below.




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